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5 Most Underrated Places in Dubai that You Probably haven’t Visited Yet

5 Most Underrated Places in Dubai that You Probably haven’t Visited Yet

Tired of visiting the giant malls of Dubai or going to the beach? It is time to go out and explore some lesser-known parts of the city. The lights, the skyscrapers, the malls, the hustle, and bustle can be a little too much, and sometimes all you want is to go somewhere that doesn’t speak of luxury and extravagance. So, here we are, presenting a list of some places in Dubai that we bet you haven’t visited yet but are totally worth giving a shot.

5 Most Tourist Attractions of Dubai

Hidden Gems in Dubai

  1. Life’s One/Seva Experience:

Life's One Seva Experience

The one thing that is said to be missing in Dubai is nature. Well, not, anymore. It is time to have a nice picnic surrounded by lush greenery with wooden tables and mouth-watering vegan food at the one and only Seva Experience (previously known as Life’s One). Tucked away at the Jumeirah Beach Road, this bohemian-style restaurant is the perfect place to unwind from the fast pacing life of Dubai. Not only does this restaurant serves food but it also holds classes and workshops for yoga, meditation, reiki and mindfulness. Seva Experience lets you reconnect with Mother Nature and your own self.

  1. Dubai Museum:

Dubai Museum

Those who want to dive deep into the culture and history of Dubai can visit the Dubai Museum. The city’s roots are very different from the present-day Dubai. That is why you will enjoy a visit to the museum even more. Start with AL Fahidi Fort (built-in 1787) and then make your way into the museum to learn about the past of UAE, its traditions, and the origins of the royal family. The entry fee is just 3 AED for adults and 1 AED for kids.

  1. Moon Island:

Moon Island

Before you mix it up with the Moon Island resort of Abu Dhabi, let us tell you that Moon Island Dubai is a completely different place. This little island can be found 70 kilometers from the shoreline of Dubai and is shaped in the form of a crescent moon. The only way to get there is to rent a yacht or a boat. Enjoy a boat ride for getting to Moon Island and spend a day of fun water activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, and fishing. This place is also great to just swim and soak in the sun away from the fast-forward life of a metropolis. A day on the Moon Island may just be the getaway that you are in dire need of.

  1. Wildlife Sanctuary:

Wildlife Sanctuary in Ras Al Khor, Dubai

After a day at the beach, at the bohemian-style restaurant, and at the museum, it’s time to see some pink flamingos. The next place on our list is this Wildlife Sanctuary that is located in Ras Al Khor, Dubai. Just a few kilometers away from Downtown Dubai, this wetland reserve is famous for attracting and preserving thousands of birds of different species. The sanctuary is also responsible for the breeding of different mammals, birds, and fishes. The area is largely fenced and visitors can only closely see the birds from a handful of places during set hours in the day. But, it is a great way to see so many birds in their natural habitat in a city like Dubai.

  1. Iranian Mosque:

Iranian Mosque

This not-so-famous but must-visit mosque can be found in Bur Dubai near the Textile Souq. Given the beauty of the Iranian Mosque, it is hard to believe that not many people know about it. Also known as Ali ibn Abi Talib Mosque, this mosque is adorned with sophisticated blue tiles and is one of the two symbolic mosques of Shias in Dubai. The other mosque is called Imam Hussein Mosque and is located in Satwa, Dubai.

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