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Pros And Cons Of Buying Property In Dubai 2024

Is 2024 the Golden Year for Dubai Property Investment? Unveiling the Hidden Truth! The year 2021 witnessed a high buyer demand due to low mortgage rates. This made property ownership in Dubai more affordable and appealing. But in 2022, the mortgage rates and property prices in Dubai rose. Because of this many potential buyers missed […]

Can Indians Buy Property in Dubai?

Invest In Dubai Real Estate From India As per the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) of 1999, all Indians whether or not they are residents of the UAE can buy property in Dubai. In fact, Indians are the biggest foreign investors in Dubai’s real estate followed by the UK and Pakistan. Another factor that has […]

How to Buy Property in Dubai from Pakistan?

Are you keen on investing in Dubai’s real estate from Pakistan? Are you wondering if you can invest in the property market of Dubai if you are not a resident of the UAE? Do you have to be physically present in Dubai in order to purchase property in Dubai? In this article, we answer all […]