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Biggest UK sales event for Emaar exclusive inventory
Highlights from a successful sales event exhibiting exclusive Emaar inventory at Aeon Trisl’s real estate UK office on 20th August 2022. The event was Lead by Senior property consultant , Mr Hasnain from the UK office while the entire sales team supported him with client management. Visitors from various parts of London , specifically Mayfair [...]
Emaar Half yearly Awards 2022
Aeon & Trisl Dubai awarded 2nd best agency at the half yearly awards for 2022. The first half of 2022 saw a number of successful and notable project launches in the Dubai market. These launches have come as a result of renewed optimism in the real estate market, which was initially bolstered by a strong [...]
Invest In Emaar Properties

Many real estate investors often turn to projects by Emaar in Dubai, as it is the best property developer in the whole region. Emaar is a big name in the real estate industry of the UAE with an undeniable reputation for maintaining high-quality standards while using innovative engineering technologies. Since the government is accepting 10-year […]