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Top Places to Visit in Dubai

Top Places to Visit in Dubai

The city of desert and dunes has gone above and beyond to transform itself into a modern-day metropolis. It is a place where people come to work and have fun. From soaring concrete marvels like the Burj Khalifa to the historical neighborhood of Al Fahidi, this city has something to offer to everyone. Lately, Dubai’s real estate investment market has also seen a boom since property prices are now increasing. There has been a surge in foreigners buying properties in Dubai as the rental yield is quite attractive and the real estate investment market is heavily regulated by the government which ensures buyer safety and peace of mind.

Tourist Places & Top Attractions of Dubai:

In this article, we have put together a list of the top places that you can visit in Dubai. You really do not want to miss out on any one of these attractions. Tourist Places & Top Attractions of Dubai:

  • Dubai Aquarium’s Underwater World:

Dubai Aquarium’s Underwater World

One of the things that you should definitely visit in Dubai is the Underwater World at Dubai Aquarium. Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, this giant aquarium hosts 150 species of exotic marine life. Part of the aquarium is free of cost for the general public and is visible from the outside, but the Underwater Zoo inside is not something to miss. The Underwater Zoo is three stories high and offers mesmerizing views of sea life in enormous water tanks. From sharks and piranhas to water rats and crabs, Dubai Aquarium offers up-close encounters with its aquatic life to adults and kids.

  • Dubai Creek:

Dubai Creek

A visit to Dubai is incomplete without seeing the ‘Old Dubai’. Next on our list of top Dubai attractions is Dubai Creek. Take an abra ride to the other side of the Creek in just 1 AED and enjoy some of the oldest sites of Dubai. The abras leave their stations every minute and you do not need a NOL card to board one of these. The Creek was one of the very first areas to be inhabited in Dubai. Early settlers came here and earned their livelihood through fishing and pearl diving.

At the southeastern end of the Creek is Dubai Creek Harbour which is a waterfront walkway and offers serene views of the Dubai skyline, especially at the golden hour. This neighborhood is quickly becoming a hub for Dubai real estate investment. You can start your journey of real estate investment here by getting in touch with one of the most famous real estate consultant companies in Dubai, Aeon and Trisl.

  • Skydive Dubai:

Skydive Dubai

If you love a little bit of adventure, you sure are in for a hell of a ride with Skydive Dubai. Enjoy tandem skydiving on their Palm Drop Zone and see the city from a vantage point all while having a full-blown adrenaline rush.            See the beautiful coasts of Dubai Marina and the man-made archipelago of Palm Jumeirah from 3,900 meters above the ground. You can get your pictures taken if you want to look back at the whole experience. Desert fans can choose Skydive Dubai’s Desert Drop Zone which is located 35 km outside of the emirate of Dubai. It is time to tick this adrenaline-fueled aerial sports activity off your to-do list.

  • Souqs of Deira:

Souqs of Deira

Located on the northern end of Dubai Creek, Deira Dubai is home to traditional souqs (markets) that are always packed with vendors and shoppers. One of the most famous souqs of Deira is the Gold Souq which is adorned with bespoke articles of gold jewelry. People coming to Dubai often visit Gold Souq to get a memento for themselves for prices that are subject to negotiation. Spice Souq is also a must-visit where you will find every spice and fragrance that you can imagine. From cumin, sumac, and garam masala to oud wood and sandal, there is nothing that you wouldn’t find at the infamous Spice Souq.

You can get your hands on freshly caught fish at the Fish and Seafood Market which hosts about 500 fish vendors under one roof. There is a dedicated space for cleaning and preparation of seafood so the customers can get their favorite fish prepared the way they want.

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure:

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This next one on our list is none other than the IMG Worlds of Adventure. This fun-filled theme park has rides appropriate for both kids and adults. Built near Global Village, this amusement park is divided into multiple sections where you can spend the whole day shopping, dining, and enjoying the rides. The rides are based on the characters of Marvel, Cartoon Network, and many more. There is a movie cinema as well as a haunted hotel. Be sure to see The WinterFest going on from Nov 26th till Jan 15th to make the seasons of holiday and winter even more special. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s biggest temperature-controlled theme park where your whole family is guaranteed to have a good time.

  • Global Village:

Global Village Dubai

Last (but by no means the least) in our round-up of top Dubai attractions is the notorious Global Village. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting Global Village which runs from October to April of every year and represents 27 international pavilions and about 93 different cultures. These state pavilions showcase the culture and heritage of that country. You can have the taste of the world (quite literally) through the 200+ food shops that this melting pot of cultures hosts. There is a total of 3500 shops in Global Village where you can indulge in retail therapy. After that, treat yourself to state-of-the-art rides that are on the other side of the park. Don’t forget to witness the many different performances of dancing, singing, and acrobatics where international and local artists showcase their amazing talents.

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