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Biggest UK sales event for Emaar exclusive inventory

Biggest UK sales event for Emaar exclusive inventory

Highlights from a successful sales event exhibiting exclusive Emaar inventory at Aeon Trisl’s real estate UK office on 20th August 2022.

The event was Lead by Senior property consultant , Mr Hasnain from the UK office while the entire sales team supported him with client management.

Visitors from various parts of London , specifically Mayfair visited the facility to seek more information on Dubai’s rising Real Estate Market. Consultation was also provided through Zoom and other online forms of communication.

With all the years in the making, the Dubai real estate market now compares closely to leading real estate markets of the world. With its progressive governance, conducive trade environment and massive global appeal, it has grown to become a favorite with buyers and investors alike.

– [ ] A sharp rise in real estate investors from London has been seen post-covid and this is also a result of the booming economy of Dubai. Emaar with its established reputation worldwide has always been one of the most sought developers of Dubai , and the number of successful deals at the sales event proved nonetheles

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