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DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties Real Estate Agency

DAMAC Top-Rated Brokers

Since 2002, Damac Properties have transformed the trends in real estate sequence and managed to bring elevated real estate projects to the Middle East. Along with their headquarters placed in Dubai, UAE they continue to achieve legendary and emblematic initiatives for residential, commercial, and entertainment purposes worldwide.

This epitome of glory was founded by Hussain Sajwani, (DAMAC Properties owner). The founder and chairman, DAMAC Properties, is also a national UAE. A graduate of Washington University, he began his career as a Contract Manager at GASCO, ADNOC subsidiary (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

Properties by DAMAC Dubai is the focal point for people and businesses all over the world. The fine architect by DAMAC has transformed the overall looks of Dubai, starting with innovations in the product to be developed, to reshaping the desert into an intelligent, culturally significant, and modern city. People love traveling around the city, holidaying, enjoying culture with friends and families. People are forced to be a part of Dubai's thriving community through their luxury of life. For people who loved to invest their money for commercial, residential, and leisure purposes, DAMAC properties have made it easier.