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What Is The Difference Between A Villa And Townhouse In Dubai?

What Is The Difference Between A Villa And Townhouse In Dubai?

Difference Between Villas And Townhouses In Dubai

In a real estate where housing options are vast and endless, there is no one-size-fits-all. The common choice of dwelling in Dubai usually ranges from flats, and townhouses, to villas.

But usually, ex-pats and UAE nationals with growing families and long-term goals go for standalone units.

Apart from apartments, villas and townhouses are the two most popular choices to live in Dubai. But how to determine which one will better suit your needs? To make decision-making easy for you, we’ve gathered several differences between villas and townhouses. Read below and get to make a more informed decision!

  • Common wall

Unlike townhouses, villas in Dubai are mostly independent properties. Townhouses, on the other hand, share a common wall with another unit.

  • Privacy and view

Villas being independent properties in nature offer greater privacy than townhouses. This can be an important deciding factor for those who fancy privacy.

As far as views are concerned, since both types of properties are low-rise buildings, they mainly offer views of the community itself.

  • Design

Appearance is one of the main differences between a townhouse and a villa. Townhouses come with different floor plans and are comparatively smaller. While villas being the standalone units offer gardens, a backyard, their own set of amenities, landscapes, etc.

  • The rental and buying price

When it comes to renting or buying townhouses vs villas in Dubai, their price can make your decision easy. In general, villas for rent and sale in Dubai cost more than townhouses.

  • Location

Unlike villas, townhouses in Dubai are usually located in crowded places. So, if you are a social butterfly, a townhouse might be better for you!

Neighborhoods in Dubai such as Al Barsha, Jumeirah, Al Rashidiya, and Arabian Ranches, offer more villas than townhouses while communities including The Springs, JVC, Reem, etc. feature more townhouses than villas.

  • Cost of living

Villas come in attached, semi-detached, and detached styles in Dubai and are thus larger. Contrastingly, townhouses are slightly smaller as they share a common wall with another unit.

Given that villas feature more space, you will need a larger budget for their maintenance and furnishing.

  • Amenities

Available amenities also play a key role when it comes to analyzing the pros and cons of investment in townhouses vs villas.

Townhouses in Dubai are usually located in compact complexes with shared amenities while villas have a larger private area and hence present more amenities.

  • Parking

Pricing, space, and living costs aside, the convenience of parking space is another important element that may affect your decision to a greater extent.

Townhouses in Dubai offer their occupants indoor parking, while villas apart from the large garages also offer additional on-street parking.

That’s all for our guide on investment in villas vs townhouses in Dubai. For potential buyers, opting between the two depends on several factors which include everything from financial concerns and lifestyle choices to available facilities. On that note, we hope that our guide has made it easy for you to choose between the two property types in the Emirate.

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