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Leading Real Estate In Dubai, UAE

Leading Real Estate In Dubai, UAE

Aeon and Trisl Real Estate Brokers LLC

Aeon and Trisl is your one stop store for Townhouses, villas, apartments, off plan Dubai projects, lands, rental properties and much more! The industry of real estate includes a number of players like property managers, mortgage loan officers, government agencies, bankers, potential buyers and sellers, etc., but the real estate brokers and agents are the real workhorses in the world of residential real estate because they are the ones that coordinate the process.

Since the start, our resolution is to provide 5-star service to our customers. Aeon and Trisl is here for you to fulfill your property requirements and to solve all your property-related queries. We are proud of not just our diverse portfolio of services but also the Aeon and Trisl team members. They are able to understand and speak 12+ languages, all ready to answer all of your questions regarding the technical and financial property matters. Established in 2012, today, we not only assist you in buying, renting, selling and leasing of a property but also in managing it. We and our clients are satisfied with our honesty, transparency and proficiency!

Real Estate agency In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are looking for the leading real estate agency in Dubai then cheers your problem is solved! We always stand ready to help you in all the matters related to real estate. Explore our website to buy your dream home in Dubai or find space to rent in all areas of Dubai.

Aeon and Trisl not only believes in making deals but also in building everlasting relations! By providing the top quality service to clients, we aim to be the most successful real estate agency in Dubai, UAE. By giving our 100% to the process, we try to make the buying and selling of real estate as effective as possible.

Best Properties Seller in Al Barsha 1

Our immense property collection include apartments, townhouses, off-plan properties, lands, etc., you will definitely find one according to your taste if you are willing to buy one. We not only entertain buyers but also the ones willing to sell/rent their property. In spaces such as Dubai Marina, Sports city, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Fujairah, etc., the upper management has endorsed projects with comfortable “move now, pay later” payment plans without any bank intervention.

So whether you want to buy, rent, sell, manage or lease a property, Aeon and Trisl is here to help! Give us a call at +971 4 395 7550

If you want to meet us in personal, then below is our location and office address.

Location: ibis Dubai Al Barsha

ADDRESS: Office 407, Zarouni Business Tower Al Barsha 1-United Arab Emirates

Hours: 9 AM-6 PM


Buying Property In Dubai: Professional real estate in Dubai

Have you decided to buy a property in Dubai? Are you nervous? Feeling stressed? Can’t decide where to start from? Relax! Aeon and Trisl is here at your service. The challenge of buying a property in Dubai can be daunting, whether you’ve done it in the past or not. To get you the maximum from this purchase and to escort you through this buying process, we provide you with an ultimate buying guide for Dubai properties. So let’s examine what are the key phrases that you need to consider before buying;

PHASE#1-Know your budget

Don’t let budget come in your way of happiness!

Budget is what needs to be considered first whenever going to buy a property.

Is budget stopping your from buying a property in your dream town? Then check Aeon and Trisl’ properties. We offer you the best of projects at mind-blowing rates. Our off-plan projects come with payment plans. So go and browse them now!

PHASE#2-Determine the type of property

Now after determining your budget, decide what type of property you want to own in Dubai.

Aeon and Trisl offers you a variety of properties. Properties such as villas, apartments (both ordinary and luxury), townhouses, penthouses, land, etc., are available at our website in amazing prices.

PHASE#3-Determine location, Traffic levels of the area and Parking spaces

Picking the right location is what really matters whenever investing in or moving to Dubai. Location can really make a person wonder about whether his/her decision was right or not. We offer you a no. of projects located in different areas of Dubai. You are sure to find the perfect location for yourself from our collection of Dubai properties.

Dubai is one of the busiest cities of the world. It is well known for its bad traffic. And traffic can be a big problem for many people. This is the reason why we offer projects in areas that don’t have traffic issues and are near to all the important business hubs of Dubai.

Whenever buying a property in Dubai, don’t forget to check the parking availability. With all of our projects, parking won’t be an issue.

PHASE#4- Contact a professional real estate agency

Right people for right things!

Next, find a real estate agent. A real estate agent makes it easy for you to locate homes that are within your price range and meet your needs. Then with them, you get to visit the property you had put a hand on. They negotiate the entire buying process and complete the paperwork on their own. Thus saves your time and energy.

With an experience of more than 10 years, we are confident to say that nobody can beat us in property matters. We are the leading real estate agency in Dubai. So grab your phones and contact us now!

PHASE#5-Pick a property

In this phase, you need to pick a property most suiting your needs. We have a huge collection of not just ready-made properties but also off-plan projects for sale. Check them out. We are sure that you will fall in love with each and every one of them!

PHASE6-Visit property

Next, you would want to visit the property; you are soon going to be the owner of it. With us, you will get to visit it before any payment. This is because we want our clients to be fully satisfied before taking any big step.

PHASE7-Contract signing

After being fully satisfied with your decision, you will enter into the phase of contract signing. In this step, payment and contract signing will take place. Already wondering what it feels like to be an owner of a property in Dubai? Stop wondering, and start dialing our number now!


Only professionals for professional works!

Searching for a professional real estate agency in Dubai to get your property job done? Then don’t make the mistake of hiring unprofessional agents for your investment-related matters! Many people spend a lot of money; still they don’t get what they had been promised for. This is because they hired the wrong real estate agent for the right things. But with us, you get exactly what you pay for! With years of real estate experience, we help our clients locate properties within their range and according to their requirements too. When you hire us, you get yourself free from all the tricky parts of the property buying process. From finding you the perfect property to transferring it on your name, we handle all. So if you don’t want your money to go in vain, drop us a call! Working for our client is what we crave for!


Do you want to hire someone to deal with all the pitfalls of the buying/selling process? Want to experience the service of a leading real estate agency of Dubai? Hire us now!

Since the start, our resolution is to provide 5-star service to our customers. Aeon and Trisl is here for you to fulfill your property requirements and to solve all your property-related queries. We are proud of not just our diverse portfolio of services but also the Aeon and Trisl team members. They are able to understand and speak 12+ languages, all ready to answer all of your questions regarding technical and financial property matters. Established in 2012, today, we not only assist you in buying, renting, selling, and leasing of a property but also in managing it. We and our clients are satisfied with our honesty, transparency and proficiency!


Are you searching for a place that can give your child a premium lifestyle? Have you checked our collection of properties? If not yet, then do it now. Aeon and Trisl is the leading real estate of Dubai. We offer you elegantly designed and exceptionally built projects in Dubai that add to the quality of life. We aim to deliver projects of higher standards and 5-star real estate services to our customers. And by providing a premium lifestyle we mean;

  • Homes with stylish designs
  • World-class amenities
  • Advanced security systems
  • Ample parking space
  • Lush green views
  • Projects in peaceful communities

So drop us a call and give your family a quality living with Aeon and Trisl.


Searching for high-class projects? Want to own a property in most wanted areas of Dubai? Get in touch with us, because Aeon and Trisl is your one-stop shop!

Aeon and Trisl offer you properties in the high-class communities of Dubai. These communities are not just located in prime areas of Dubai but also offer exceptional amenities. Listed below are some of the famous communities being offered by us;

  • Business bay: Comprising of stylish apartment buildings, malls and posh hotels
  • Dubai Marina: Known as the tallest block of the world. Famous for its breath taking views
  • Downtown Dubai: City’s busy tourism hub. Famous for its dancing fountains and lights shows.
  • Jumeirah lake towers: Has a no. of attractions for both kids and adults
  • Arabian Ranches: Has both golf and polo club
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence: Known to be a bustling neighborhood with Dubai’s best tourist attractions


Dubai is among the fastest-growing cities of the world. From water views to sand dunes, from the world’s tallest tower to artificial islands, from tax-free incomes to world’s greatest infrastructure, Dubai has all what a human can wish for. But all such things are not the major reason to own a property in Dubai. Want to know why everyone wishes to buy a property in Dubai? We know!

The primary purpose behind investing in Dubai’s real estate is the availability of affordable ready-made and off-plan projects. Who doesn’t want to own land in their dream towns? And especially when they are available at affordable rates! So contact us because affordable projects are what Aeon and Trisl offer!


IS IT A GOOD TIME TO BUY PROPERTY IN DUBAI 2021See what the experts and real estate agents has to say about it!

According to experts, 2021 is a great opportunity for investors with long-term plans and job security to invest in Dubai. Chris Spellers says; if you can afford it, now is a good time to buy. This is definitely a buyer’s market, with prices significantly lower than nine to 18 months ago. The government has been doing many things to attract business in the manufacturing, industrial, tourism, and retail sectors.

According to specialists, the bilateral agreement of the UAE with Israel has opened door to new partnerships and investment chances across all market segments. So there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel as we push through this pandemic.

And according to Aeon and Trisl, a leading real estate agency in Dubai, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the market. The property prices in Dubai are way less than similar global cities. Also, Dubai has been labeled as “fair valued” compared to cities like Paris, London, and New York by UBS global real estate bubble index. Moreover this year, Dubai is going to host EXPO 2020. There is an oversupply of off-plan projects and ready-made properties in Dubai. Due to this, the developers are offering buyers lower service charges, free legal fees, guaranteed rental income, and even delayed payment terms.  So 2021 is a great opportunity for those willing to buy low and gain high. As general advice, choose the location wisely as it really affects the returns. Go for areas with proven demands such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Dubai South, Palm Jumeirah, and many others. These are the areas that are never empty. Browse our website and get to know more about such areas.


Aeon and Trisl, a five-star rated company!

Are you ready to invest in Dubai? Want to have a five-star service? Looking for the best real estate in town? Then hire us for a plus-plus service!

Why us?

  • Award-winning, Dubai based real estate: Earning the title of real estate broker is not a piece of cake. With a continuous dedication to present only the best to our clients, we have earned the leading real estate position in Dubai. Our clients trust us with closed eyes. So contact us because we know the best about Dubai real estate.
  • Offer properties at reasonable rates: For the most affordable properties, surf our website.
  • High investment returns: If you want to spend less and gain high, try our off-plan Dubai properties. You won’t regret your decision!
  • Hand-pick the best properties: We present you with all the best options for investment in Dubai under one roof. From our broad collection of apartments, villas, townhouses, off-plan properties, get yourself one according to your cup of tea and budget.
  • Partners with prominent UAE developers: We are working directly with Dubai’s most trustworthy and greatest property developers such as Emaar, Meraas, DAMAC, Aldar, Dubai South, etc. This allows us to provide our clients with a variety of resources depending on their desires, budget plans, and values.
  • Free expert advice: Whether you are a first-time real estate investor or an experienced one, it is always a good idea to get an expert’s advice. We are here to answer all your property related questions for free. So feel free to consult us!
  • 100% virtual support: Live too far? Can’t visit our office? No worries! Just call us or talk to us through our website to get the information about any property on our website.
  • Latest projects: To invest in the latest off-plan properties or luxury apartments, penthouses, villas, etc. surf our portal now!

Buy Luxury Property in Dubai

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