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Is It A Good Time To Buy Property In Le Ciel At Port De La Mer?

Is It A Good Time To Buy Property In Le Ciel At Port De La Mer?

Aeon Trisl, being a responsible Real Estate Agency in Dubai, advises you to invest in Le Ceil in Port De La Mer by Meraas due to the following reasons:

  • Off-plan property is comparatively cheap than a ready-built

One of the most prominent benefits of buying off-plan property in Dubai is that it is cheaper than the completed projects. Le Ciel at Port De La Mer is currently an off-plan project and is expected to be completed in February 2025. That’s why its apartments and penthouses prices are currently low. But once it’s completed, they will cost much more than they did when you first bought them. So, if you are looking for a home in Le Ciel, this is the perfect time to invest in it.

Another advantage of investing in Le Ciel’s off-plan apartment is that you don’t have to worry about the market fluctuations- you just stick with the price you buy it for. So, even if the real estate market grows in value, you don’t have to increase your payments, it’s just your property value that goes up.

  • Easy Payment Plans for Le Ciel at Port De La Mer

In Dubai, several projects are announced on monthly basis. This puts property developers in a competitive environment, where they make every effort to provide more profitable prices and more convenient payment plans to the investors.

Apartments and Penthouses in Le Ciel, being off-plan properties in nature are being offered with very easy and flexible payment plans.

Aeon & Trisl Dubai Real Estate Agency is working closely with Meraas Developer to provide our clients with the best possible payment plans. So if you are interested in purchasing Le Ciel off-plan apartments and penthouses, then come to us, we have got its best units and offer the most convenient payment plan.

  • High Demand for luxurious apartments

Luxurious apartments are in high demand in Dubai from the past recent years. This is why for investors searching for property types to invest in Dubai and to earn profit from them, apartments are an ideal choice.

Aeon & Trisl is offering brand new 1-4 BR apartments and 5 BR penthouses in Le Ciel in Jumeirah 1 at easy payment plans. So, browse our website for the Le Ciel properties brochure and make the wisest investment of your life! We assure you that you won’t regret your decision!

  • Fresh projects

Amongst the freshly launched projects of Dubai, Le Ciel by Meraas has succeeded in magnetizing investors’ attention. This means that its properties prices are sure to rise in the future. The master plan features 1-4 BR apartments, 5 BR Penthouses, and 6 BR Duplexes as well as presents its residents with exclusive amenities and facilities. So if you are looking forward to investing in Dubai, then don’t forget to consider Le Ciel properties because they are the best among the newly launched projects in Dubai.

  • Dubai’s off-plan market has bounced back

Dubai’s off-plan market has bounced back after facing a decline in the COVID-19 era. The sale ratio of readymade and off-plan properties are almost equal now, which is a clear indication that off-plan Dubai real estate has once again succeeded in gaining investors’ confidence. So, if you are also looking forward to investing in Dubai off-plan properties, then go check our website for off-plan properties in Le Ciel at Port De La Mer, you will be proud of your decision.

Aeon and Trisl sincerely advise its customers to invest in apartments and penthouses of Le Ciel, Port De La Mer. The project’s properties are not just affordable but also have a lot more to offer. So, don’t think twice and visit our office to book yourself a property in Le Ciel, we assure you that you will not regret your decision!


Meraas’s new project, Le Ciel is located in one of the most sought-after areas of Dubai, Port De La Mer in Jumeirah 1. The project sits next to the famous localities and landmarks, where the rest of things are within easy reach. So, if you want to enhance your lifestyle by living in a dazzling bubble and next to a world of leisure, glitz, and glamour then just book yourself an apartment in Le Ciel now!

Le Ciel’s Connectivity

  • 5 minutes to La Mer.
  • 45 minutes to Al Maktoum International Airport.
  • 10 minutes to Downtown Dubai.
  • 15 minutes to Dubai International Airport.
  • 10 minutes to City Walk.
  • 8 minutes from Etihad Museum.
  • 7 minutes from Jumeirah Mosque.
  • 14 minutes from Dubai Frame.
  • 12 minutes from Jumeirah Public Beach.
  • 17 minutes from The Green Planet.


Le Ciel at Port De La Mer offers its investors a quality living within affordable limits. This master plan of Meraas features everything that is required for modern lifestyle living. Read below to know more about the lifestyle of Le Ciel in Jumeirah 1.

Shopping, Dining, & Nightlife at Le Ciel at Port De La Mer

Malls near Le Ciel at Port De La Mer

Since the malls in La Mer are presently under construction, inhabitants can consider malls in the neighboring neighborhoods.

  • One of Dubai’s best shopping malls, Mercato Mall is just a few minutes away from Le Ciel apartments.
  • While residents can also shop from retail stores in La Mer, including Isea, Beach Bunny, SEVENFRIDAY, and Sephora. All of these stores in La Mer are open to the public and are just a short distance from Le Ciel properties.

Restaurants near Le Ciel at Port De La Mer

For foodies, the master plan of La Mer comprises a range of cafes and restaurants. Some of the famous options near La Mer Beach include Catch 22 and Zou Zou Restaurant. Besides these, there are many other popular restaurants near Le Ciel where families and friends can hang out.

Outdoor activities, fitness, and beauty

The master plan of Port De La Mer features all the vital components of a modern community in Dubai. The development includes playgrounds and family parks at short intervals and is surrounded by tree-lined walkways. Furthermore, each sub-community in Port De La Mer includes swimming pools and fitness facilities besides the shared amenities of the neighborhood.

Beaches near Le Ciel at Port De La Mer

One of the most happening and popular beaches near Le Ciel is La Mer Beach. One can easily enjoy from food carts to retail stores and a fun-filled waterpark here.

To know more about this dazzling project, browse our website or just drop us a call. We would love to hear from you!

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