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Dubai Off Plan Properties Portal – All Projects Listed In Downtown Dubai

Dubai Off Plan Properties Portal – All Projects Listed In Downtown Dubai

All Projects Listed In UAE Downtown Dubai

It’s not easy to find a well reputed off plan property in Downtown Dubai as it is considered as a tourism hub. Every customer looking for an off plan property wishes to purchase the plot in an area which is likely to give higher returns. In fact, this is the primary goal behind the purchase of off plan property in Dubai. One stop solution to all such desires of investors is ‘Downtown Dubai’. Investing in its projects has always proved beneficial for investors. But do you have a trustable real estate broker who can do all the working for you?  Because purchasing a property is not a piece of cake. It requires market research, property hunt, purchasing procedures, transfer processes and what not. We understand that you do wish to own a property but you don’t want to get into the hassle. Don’t worry, think that you are the owner of the property and leave all the hassle for us. Beginning from the market research till transfer of the off plan Dubai property on your name, it’s all our responsibility.

Dubai Local Real Estate Agents

Majorly, all our off-plan projects are being developed by Emaar Properties. The name ‘Emaar Properties’ doesn’t require any introduction. They are among the top and renowned real estate development company in UAE. It is an international brand providing property development and management services.

We are dealing in multiple Dubai off plan real estate projects. Majorly, these projects are under Emaar properties. It ultimately elevates the reliability and reputation of our off plan property in Dubai. No matter in which project you want to invest May it be apartments, villas, townhouses and what not, we have it all. Currently, we are dealing in the following off plan projects under Emaar Properties:


  • Elie Saab Grand Bleu Tower at Emaar Beachfront Dubai
  • Emaar Beach Vista at Emaar Beachfront
  • Emaar Creek Edge Apartments at Dubai Creek
  • Emaar Summer Apartments at Creek Beach Dubai
  • Emaar Executive Residences II- Park Ridge Dubai Hills Estate
  • 17 ICON Bay
  • Creek Horizon
  • Creekside 18
  • Harbour Gate
  • Collective 2.0
  • Park Ridge
  • Acacia
  • Park Heights
  • Park Point
  • Address Harbour Point
  • Creek Edge
  • Bayshore
  • Breeze
  • Creek Gate
  • Creek Rise
  • Dubai Creek Residences
  • Island Park
  • Sunset
  • The Cove
  • Golf Suites
  • Mulberry
  • Vida
  • Golf Views
  • The Address Dubai Opera
  • Blvd Crescent
  • IL Primo


  • Emaar Joy Townhouses in Arabian Ranches 3
  • Urbana 3


  • Emaar South EXPO GOLF VILLAS
  • Golf Place
  • 52|42
  • Golf Links


  • Emaar Mina Rashid – Sirdhana Apartments Dubai


  • Rove

A Guide to the Dubai Off-Plan Market

In off plan property purchase, there is no such thing as bad projects, there are just wrong projects offered to wrong buyers through wrong advice. Keep yourself safe from being a victim of such wrong property advisors operating in Dubai. The first thing you need to do is to discuss with Aeon & Trisl property advisors. Once you have made the choice, the process is as follow:

  1. Place a deposit (normally between 5%-15% of the advertised price) to secure the property
  2. Payment of full deposit leads to SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) which is drawn between buyer and developer. The receipt received in return of the deposit is usually non-refundable.
  3. Go through the Oquood process in order to register the off plan property under your name.
  4. Follow the payment plan made by the developer throughout the entire construction period.
  5. Once the development and payment is complete, you become the owner of the property and then you can enjoy all its benefits.

Complete Guide To Buying Off Plan Properties

Complete Guide to Buying Off Plan Properties

Things to establish

  • Ensure Clear Expectation- If you want to make your Dubai off plan property deal a success, it is necessary that you are well aware of how to utilize your property once acquired.
  • Identify your Options- The number of options available in Dubai off plan real estate is more than you thought. It is not just about residential homes and apartments rather it also involves commercial properties.
  • Pick the right developers- The primary ingredient in the success of off plan properties in Dubai is the selection of right developers. But with Aeon & Trisl real estate brokers, you don’t have to worry about it. We are here for you.


Aeon & Trisl, our name is enough when it comes to off plan dxb deals. We offer you the best off plan properties at an affordable price. Our agents are fully trained to understand your property needs and then offer you the best possible dxb off plan deals. No matter you want to invest in villas, apartments, townhouses, etc. We have all of it. Just ask for it and we will present you with complete Dubai off plan details of the property.

What Is Off Plan Property Dubai?

Confused between buying a new off plan Dubai property or a slightly older property? Don’t worry our latest article will give you deep insights regarding benefits of buying Dubai off plan real estate in addition to providing you with the complete guideline to do so. Off plan properties are usually regarded as the ones that are not fully constructed. The purchaser is free to construct whatever they want to on the off plan property. There are certain key benefits of buying off plan properties in Dubai which has been highlighted below.

10 Benefits Of Buying Dubai Off Plan Properties

  1. First Pick-Increased Choice

When buying off plan properties, the investor gets a chance to pick the property first. In such a case, it is likely that the property you choose is the best one. On the contrary, in case of old property, usually buyers get the left over ones.

  1. Financial Advantages

Among top most benefits of buying off plan properties is that it helps investors in saving money. How is it possible? It is possible because not-yet-constructed projects are usually offered at lower prices.

  1. Time

Purchase of off plan real estate gives extended time to buyers in which they can accrue money for their home. The payment plans are usually set with consent between the buyers and developers.

  1. Fixing a Price

At the time of purchase of off plan Dubai properties, the buyers locks the price of the property. It means that in case of increased market price of the property, the buyer will not be liable to pay more.

  1. Choices in Colors

One of the prominent early bird benefits gained by the buyer is color choices. If you have purchase off plan property early enough then it is likely the developer will consider your color preferences.

  1. Laws protecting Investors

Law No. 8 of 2007 on Escrow Accounts for Real Estate Developments in the Emirate of Dubai. Pursuant of this Law, developers that intend to sell units off-plan in Dubai in a real estate development project must open a separate escrow account for the project with an escrow agent (bank/financial institution) accredited by Dubai Land Department (DLD).

  1. It’s Brand New

Everyone loves to use new things than used ones. As a buyer of an off plan property in Dubai, you will not only go to live in the new house but also you tenants will be ready to pay more for a brand new property.

  1. Value increase

Dealing in off plan property is more secure than constructed property because over the period of time, the value of the property increases while its payment remains the same.

  1. Sell at premium price

The maintenance cost required for an off plan property is quite less while if it’s difficult for the buyer to maintain it then it can easily be sold at a premium price.

  1. Little down payment

The down payment required to purchase an off-plan property is quite less than a completed property.


Yes of course, no doubt about that. In consideration of the aforementioned benefits, off plan properties in Dubai is an excellent option of investment. The risk involved is negligible as compared to the benefits offered. Dxb deals of off plan properties give a sense of security to investors while ensuring higher returns. What are you thinking then? Aeon&Trisl is here to guide you by providing complete guidelines for buying off plan properties in the next section.

Off Plan Property Dubai Emaar

Aeon & Trisl deals with the most reliable and reputable developers in the market i.e. “Emaar”. Most of our projects are under Emaar properties. They have an extensive experience of dealing in the property market. Their name is included among the most top and active off plan developers in dubai. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and enjoy your success with us.

Latest Off Plan Properties All In The One Place

Latest Off Plan Properties All In The One PlaceSearching for the latest off plan properties beneath Emirates sky? Then your search is over because we are here to help you in your investment-related matters.

We understand that buying a property in Dubai is not a piece of cake. It demands market research, purchasing procedures, property quest, transfer procedures and what not? Everyone wishes to own a property buy nobody wants the hassle that comes with it. If you are also like the ones mentioned above, then don’t worry, because we are here to deal with all the hassles related to property buying for you. Once chosen us, all the intricacies from market research to transfer of Dubai property on your name will be dealt with by us.  Also to make the decision-making phase easier for you, here is a list of latest off-plan Dubai properties being offered by us;

  • Elie Saab Grand Blue Tower at Emaar beachfront Dubai
  • Emaar beach vista at Emaar beachfront
  • Emaar Creek edge apartments at Dubai creek
  • Emaar Summer apartments at Creek beach Dubai
  • Bella vista apartments at Damac hills
  • Emaar executive residencies II-Park Ridge Dubai hills estate
  • Loreto
  • Damac towers by paramount at Business bay
  • Aykon city
  • Damac Maison prive
  • Zada tower at Buisness Bay
  • Emaar Mina Rashid-Sirdhana apartments Dubai
  • Emaar Joy townhouses in Arabian Ranches 3
  • Emaar South Expo Golf villas
  • 90210 Boutique villas at Damac hills

This is just a small portion of our off plan properties in Dubai. At our website, click at off plan at the top, and a number of projects will appear on your screen. From location to pictures, we provide all the important material with each project. So isn’t what you were looking for? All latest off plan projects with info at one place?

Off Plan Properties In Dubai

You will find everything you need to know about off plan projects just at Aeon and Trisl. Working closely with Dubai’s largest and most trusted developers is our forte. Based on your needs, resources and preferences, we offer you an entire range of options. Because we want you to live your dreams!

One of the attractive cities in the world for tourism and professionalism is Dubai. Everyone wishes of owning a property in Dubai but only lucky ones get to fulfill their wish. Buying off plan property in Dubai is a very good option because in this way individuals get to spend less and gain more in near future. But this is only possible if you get in touch with a trustworthy off-plan real estate in Dubai, like Aeon and Trisl, as scams are very common in this field. Many people are of the opinion that buying off plan properties in Dubai can be risky. If you are also of the same opinion then let us clear this misconception of yours and many others.

We say that; yes it can be risky but with the wrong real estate agents! So choose your agent wisely!

Following are few of the plenty of reasons to go for off-plan property in Dubai;
  1. Only with us, you get an excellent payment plan.
  2. In Dubai, you fully get to spend what you earn.
  3. Are available at lower prices.
  4. The option of selling it at a profit before completion is always available to the buyer.
  5. High living standards. Who does not want to provide their family with good living conditions?
  6. City free from crimes and terrorism.
  7. Good weather. Pollution-free city.
  8. Ideal for people who crave for adventures.

So if you want to avail best Dxb deals, contact Aeon and Trisl now!

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