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How To Buy Off Plan Property In Dubai – Ultimate Guide Dubai Off Plan Properties

How To Buy Off Plan Property In Dubai – Ultimate Guide Dubai Off Plan Properties

Ultimate Buying Guide Dubai Off Plan Properties

A property investor can enter property ownership in two ways i.e. to purchase an existing property or to purchase a property that is currently under construction.

This section will provide you guidance related to buying off-plan properties. These off plan properties are primarily the ones that are under construction but developer can also offer you ready properties. There are three primary entities that are interested in buying off plan properties (1) investors (2) first time buyers and (3) home movers. The basic advantage involved in buying off plan properties is that it is usually available in low price and then the owner can enjoy capital appreciation once the property is completely constructed. The low entry price is usually attractive for first time buyers as they have budget constraints and it is not possible for them to buy high priced properties.

Off-Plan Properties

Same rules are applied for off plan properties Dubai. The purchaser of latest off plan projects in Dubai has multiple choices. The first choice is that they can either move in to the property for living purpose. But this is only possible when the property is developed enough for living goals. Second choice includes renting of the off plan Dubai properties for periodical return on investment. Lastly, an investor can sell the property at its market value and can then enjoy off capital gain return on investment.

How To Buy Off Plan Property In Dubai

It has been observed that usually investors flip the properties during the construction stage and cash it on their capital gain if, for example, they have come across another better opportunity and now they need liquidate the existing one or they are not willing to bear the maintenance fees. The reasons are not confined to the two aforementioned ones rather there can be multiple ones.

So, did you notice? what is the most important thing while buying off plan projects in Dubai? It is the right investment initially. If your first step will go wrong then ultimately all your successive steps will be at fault and the result will not be anything less than major loss in investment. So why do you want to risk your money by going to unofficial agents for property purchase when Aeon & Trisl are the real official brokers you should come too. Our clients have never regretted their decision. We are here to provide you complete guidance as to which off plan Dubai property you should invest in. Not only is this, we have multiple off plan projects for sale as well which will prove to be pocket friendly while giving to huge capital gains later on. We are dealing with all kinds of off plan projects may it be apartments, villas, town houses, one houses or guest rooms, you will get all under one roof. Don’t think for a second and start capitalizing your investment, Aeon & Trisl is standing beside you.

What Is Off Plan Property Dubai?

How To Buy Off Plan Properties In Dubai

The idea of investing in off plan Dubai properties is quite captivating due to the cheap prices but it is quite risky as well. The risk is inflated because cheaper prices usually attract inexperienced buyers to make the purchase. But if the decision is made without taking any official advice then it is likely that the buyer will make a big mistake. In Dubai, there are multiple off-plan projects for sale but it doesn’t mean that all of them are suitable for investment. In order to ensure that you make the most of your off-plan investments, we here Aeon & Trisl has come up with some tips for the first-time buyers to keep in mind during the process.

How To Buy Off Plan Properties In Dubai

‘Buying off-plan’ Plan of Action

Research the Developer:

Thorough knowledge of the developer is very important when you go for buying off plan Dubai properties. Thinking about how to assess the developer? Buyers are the ultimate sources. The image of the developer among buyers will give an idea of whether the developer is reliable enough or not. As buyers are ex or present customers of the developer, their feedback is important in making decisions. There are two very important aspects that need to be studied (1) the track record of the past projects and (2) the quality of the projects.

Anticipate Delays

The most common problem faced by the buyers while buying off plan Dubai properties is that the project may be delayed. It has been found that primarily in around 50% projects in UAE, a delay of a year or more has been done in handing over the projects. On the contrary, also, there were projects that have been cancelled entirely! So it’s important that you stay prepared for the delays while be thankful if you get the project on time.

Assess your Financial Condition

In all off plan projects for sale, initially around 20-80% of the payment has to be done. While at the time of completion, total payment needs to be processed. The most common payment plan followed by investors is 50/50 in which initially you pay 50% and when the project is completed, the remaining payment is done. It gives financial security to investors. It is important to assess all the risk before you make the plunge.

Consider Cuts to Quality

Do you think that attractive websites and brochures is a guarantee for a good quality product? This is the part where history of the developer and your research skills comes into play. Make sure that your investment does not go in vain. No matter how many latest off plan properties in Dubai does the developer have, it is important that the chosen developer care about their reputation.

10 Tips You Must Know Before You Buy Off Plan Properties

There are certain tips that you should follow before you buy any off-plan Dubai properties:

  1. Save Money- Buy property at the lowest possible price.
  2. Sell before Completion- As soon as the market grows, the investors must put their off plan projects for sale.
  3. Lower up Front Cost- the lesser the down payment is, the better it would be for the investors.
  4. Select developers that value time
  5. Keep an eye on the changes in the market condition
  6. Utilize property efficiently once acquired
  7. Conduct thorough research about the developer as well as the property
  8. Effectively use return on investment (ROI) gained after project completion
  9. Keep a check on the development of the property
  10. Buy as much off plan Dubai properties as possible to maximize benefit.


How Can I Guarantee that My Development will be Completed?

In order to protect investors, RERA has introduced various measures which is essential for the developer to meet. One of these is that it is essential for the developer to own 100 percent of the land meant for the project. In addition to this, the developer is restricted to make down payment of 20 percent as bank guarantee or finish 20 percent construction before selling off plan or deposit 20 percent in an escrow account. Not only this, there are various other measures undertaken by RERA to ensure safe sale of off plan projects.

How Can I Sell Off Plan Property In Dubai?

How Can I Sell Off Plan Property In Dubai
Are you looking to sell your off-plan property?

Thinking to put your off plan project for sale? Need some help? Here’s our simple four steps guide;

STEP#1: Pick the right agent

The first step that you need to take is finding a trustworthy and famous real estate agent. It is better to seek out an expert who has better know-how about Dubai. Aeon &Trisl is located in Al Barsha 1, and we are the best when it comes to drawing the customer. Choosing us would expose your property to millions of potential buyers. So if you are looking to sell your off-plan Dubai property, then contact us! After choosing us, we will then together make a marketing strategy for your property and aid valuation with market reports. We will make sure that you make the best possible sale. So call us now and let us make the selling process easy for you!

STEP#2: Availability of all the necessary documents

In order to sell your off plan Dubai property you must have all the important documents. Being a professional real estate agent, we don’t entertain people willing to sell off plan projects without having proper documentation.

STEP#3: Entertaining potential buyers

Once the contract is signed between the seller and the real estate agent, a quest for buyer begins. Whenever anyone wants to buy, sell or rent a property in Dubai, his/her first instinct is to browse over internet for the best real estate agency in Dubai. So choosing us would make your off plan project easily accessible to many potential buyers.

STEP#4: Contract signing between the seller and the buyer

Once the buyer has been found, a contract is signed between the buyer and the seller.

So what do you say? Want to try us now? Drop us a call, we would love to hear from you!

Is It Worth Investing In Porperty In Dubai?

Why invest in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It is a city full of scenic water views, peaceful spots and skyscrapers. From having artificial islands in the shape of palm trees to the world’s tallest buildings, it has never failed to impress. Before you invest in any of the Dubai’s property, it is important for you to understand some of the factors which are worth investing in Dubai!

  • High living standard: It is a city which offers lavish lifestyle. Dubai has much more than just having tall buildings, malls and skyscrapers. From skiing, golfing, diving, fishing, sailing, snowboarding, windsurfing, water sports and desert activities, it has all you can think off!
  • Safety: UAE’s policy to exile criminals makes Dubai a safe and sound city.
  • Strategic location: From majority of the world’s destination, Dubai is just 5-6 hours of flying.
  • Income free of tax: Unlike other countries of the world, what you earn here is fully yours to spend.
  • Stable property market: Property prices have been stabilized, making this a great time for investment.
  • Top-notch infrastructure: An infrastructure that the world would expect from a world-class hub, Dubai has that.

Aeon and Trisl offers an exciting range of latest off plan properties in Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t all this worth investing in Dubai?

Where To Invest In Off Plan Property In Dubai?

Aeon and Trisl, #1 off plan property site in Dubai

Can’t decide which off plan property to buy? We can help! Whenever investing in an off plan project, following are the 3 important elements which should be considered;

  1. Location: It is one of the key things which should be considered before sealing any deal. We offer our customers with off plan projects at the paramount locations including Business Bay, Akoya Oxygen, Arabian Ranches 3, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate, etc. These are the most popular areas of Dubai, in which everyone dreams of having their own property! So get in touch with us before we run out of all!
  2. Amenities: Amenities near your place makes life a lot easier for you! We offer properties with all the essential amenities nearby.
  3. Maintenance costs: Do you want high maintenance in reasonable costs? Try us now!
So invest in the above mentioned locations by contacting us and get to enjoy all the above-mentioned facilities and many more!

Off Plan Properties In Dubai

Want to know about off plan properties in Dubai? Then at Aeon and Trisl you will find everything you need to know about off plan projects. We offer you an entire range of options based on your preferences, needs and most importantly your budget. The off plan properties offered by us enables you to;

  • Save money: If you want to get maximum return on your investment contact us.
  • Convenient payment plans: If you really want to buy an off plan project in Dubai, come to us because we provide you with the most convenient payment plans in the region.
  • Sell before completion: Once bought, you will always have the chance to sell it even before its completion.

UAE Off Plan

Dubai is the major hub for businesses as well as travellers. Investments in off-plan projects are at peaks. Usually the latest off plan properties in Dubai are located on key locations that are not only central for traffic but also have striking surroundings. The position of our off plan Dubai properties have both aforementioned features which makes them most desired by financiers. So come and grab yours before it’s too late.

Dxb Dubai Off Plan

Want to invest in something really profitable in near future? Try investing in off plan projects in Dubai; you will never regret your decision. This is because the off plan projects increases the chances of gaining the maximum return on your investment. Not only this, they are easier to buy. No need of multiple viewings and property inspections. All you have to is pick your ideal one from our collection and contact us, and then the rest will be upon us.

Dubai Off Plan Map

In the search for off-plan Dubai projects? At Aeon and Trisl you will find only the best off plan projects in Dubai. Check out our large catalogue of off plan properties in Dubai and let your dream come into existence. From Location to amenities, we provide all the important information regarding the project on our website. And remember, we deliver what we display!

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