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Current Market Price Of Dubai Properties

Current Market Price Of Dubai Properties

Dubai real estate badged the most affordable!

Always wanted to invest in Dubai? Were you waiting for the best time to invest in Dubai real estate? Then, dear investor, the time has come!

Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, was recently declared as the third most affordable city for residential properties. According to estate agent Savills, prime property in Dubai averaged $600 per square foot in June; of the world’s major cities only Kuala Lumpur and Cape Town were cheaper.

Are you wondering why is Dubai offering properties at such lower rates? Then below are the two major reasons behind it;

  1. According to JLL MENA, in the year 2019, about 56,000 units were added to Dubai’s total residential stock. Thus bringing the total supply to 575,000 units. Moreover, the addition in off-plan properties, luxury apartments, etc. is still going on.
  2. COVID-19 pandemic had caused a low demand for properties worldwide. As the UAE, along the world has got control over the pandemic, Dubai real estate might raise again.

Since Dubai is expecting to host EXPO 2020, this year, so if you are thinking to invest in Dubai, now is the best time to do so! Browse our portal for affordable off plan Dubai properties, best villas, and luxury apartments, and much more!


For stress-free ownerships, hire us!

Buying properties in Dubai is just like buying in other countries of the Middle East and Asia. You will find a great number of real estate, but coming across the leading ones is what this property buying process demands!

Who we are and why rely on us?

Aeon and Trisl was established in 2012. Within years, we are considered as the top seller of Dubai properties. We offer a wide range of real estate services to our clients. Aeon and Trisl is dedicated to close deals that dole both the seller and consumer. We have in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience in this industry. In short, we are the finest when it comes to Dubai real estate. Below is a brief of why people regard us as the top seller;

  • Complete and true information regarding a property: Aeon and Trisl value people’s money. We provide complete and authentic information regarding a property at our website. This is to assist you in studying a property properly before investing in it.
  • Property types: We offer both residential and commercial properties under one roof. Our clients find whatever Dubai property they are looking for, just at our portal. You can find all types of residential properties including; apartments, villas, townhouses, luxury apartments, off-plan projects, etc. at our website.
  • Areas served: We offer projects in communities that are second to none. Our served areas include; Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, and many such likes.
  • Properties from famous developers of UAE: To provide our clients with the finest properties, we partner with only the best developers of UAE. Our partners include; Emaar, Meraas, Dubai properties, DAMAC, etc.
  • Authenticity and honesty: Our two traits that keep on attracting our clients to us are the authenticity and honesty! We strongly believe in making two-sided deals. By two-sided, we mean contracts that profit both the seller and the purchaser. For authentic information and honest advice regarding Dubai real estate, come to us now!

Real Estate Market Price Due To Covid-19

Real Estate Market Price Due To Covid-19

Dubai real estate in buyer’s favor now

Good news for purchasers! If you are looking to invest in Dubai real estate, then now is a perfect time. For people looking to capitalize in luxury apartments or off-plan Dubai properties, all things are going in your favor now. Higher LTVs (Loan to value), low mortgage interest rates, reduces service charges, etc., are making real estate investment a win-win situation.

With the invention and implementation of COVID-19 vaccine, economic conditions seem to be coming back to their original path. So if you are searching for luxury apartments for sale in Dubai or off-plan Dubai projects, search faster, before it’s too late.

Wondering why Dubai real estate conditions are in investor’s favor now?

Following factors are currently making Dubai real estate sector a buyer’s market;

  • Supply increases, demand remains low: This pandemic has caused many people to go through the financial crisis. Like all the other real estates of the world, Dubai real estate had also witnessed low income amid this pandemic. The continuous supply of luxury apartments, off-plan properties, etc., and low demand, had caused property prices to drastically fall down in Dubai.
  • Low mortgage interest rates
  • Reasonable property sales prices: Greater availability of properties is what making Dubai real estate so affordable.
  • Cheap service charges
  • Higher loan to value ratio available
  • Developer incentives: UAE developers are encouraging people to invest more in Dubai real estate sector by offering fee waivers, pocket-friendly payment plans, discounts, etc.
  • Attractive price valuations

See what UAE developers and expertise have to say;

DAMAC’s chairman, Hussain Sajwani says; “Dubai’s real estate market has made a hard landing but lower prices may be a good time for investors looking to buy”. He also added that “the market is likely to remain subdued for the next two years as the city recovers from the pandemic”.

Experts forecast that Dubai real estate prices are likely to remain constant this year as well. Property analysts and consultants are currently recommending that now is a great time to make real estate investment in Dubai. As the cost of real estate funds are at the lowest and valuations are striking.


With the introduction of potential vaccines, nothing can be said with surety that when the world is going to make a complete comeback. This could even happen this year as well! This makes a now or never type of situation for Dubai real estate investors.

So if you are willing to invest in Dubai properties then stop thinking further, and start browsing our portal. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation regarding Dubai real estate matters.

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