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Lands For Sale In Dubai

Lands For Sale In Dubai

Choose plots & lands from the best Dubai real estate!

For the team at Aeon and Trisl, fulfilling of client’s requirements and preferences is of the utmost importance. We understand that different clients have different requirements as they belong to different backgrounds. Many wish to be future owners of a beautiful house on an efficiently located plot. While other show interest in capitalizing on high-end properties. So no matter what are your property requirements, just come to us, because your satisfaction is our priority!

Aeon and Trisl, A real estate agency in Dubai, offers you the finest of properties. At our website, we provide all the important information with each property for parties willing to make a sound investment in Dubai.


Do you want to make a sound investment? Thinking to procure a land in Dubai? Get in touch with Aeon and Trisl now!

Who wants to miss the opportunity of owning land or plot in a flourishing and escalating residential/commercial environment in Dubai? The answer is NO ONE! Dubai real estate offers you lands and plots in the supreme and well-established communities of Dubai.

On our website, you will find only the best plots which Dubai has to offer. With Aeon and Trisl, you never have to worry about scams. We do the comprehensive background checks on the title and ownership, before uploading a property on our website. So give yourself a blank canvas and fulfill your visions of creating a residence tailored to your individual needs!

Buy Residential Land In Dubai

There has never been a better time to invest in Dubai!

Are you considering building a home or a business from scratch? Then book yourself land/plot in Dubai now! You will be proud of your decision! There are many pros of buying land/plot in Dubai VS a ready-made unit. Such as;

  • Lower construction cost: Construction cost in Dubai is lower as compared to many established international cities.
  • It offers more flexibility: When purchasing a ready-made unit, purchasers are often restricted to the architect’s vision of the unit. A ready-made unit allows only a few customizations but changing the layout of the home is impossible. On the contrary, a residential land gives you full freedom to design your dream home just the way you want. Whether you are a fan of a spacious garden or a wide kitchen or want to have a large children’s play area in your house, you can go for whatever you want!
  • Low initial investment: Even the most affordable residential homes are priced much higher than a plot/land. Purchasing a plot in early life and then constructing a home later when having more savings, has always proved beneficial for investors.
  • No gap between purchase and proprietorship: Investors need to wait to take the possession of a house that is under construction. The project completion may take a year or even longer and so does the final handover. But with Aeon and Trisl, there is no delay in the possession of a plot of land in Dubai. Only with us, you get to take the possession of your land or plot almost instantaneously.
  • Lesser property tax: The property tax is much lower for a land than it is for a ready-made house.
  • No maintenance cost: You can own a land or plot in Dubai without having to worry about its regular upkeep!

To get more information regarding land buying in Dubai, feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you!


Looking for the right plot of land for your business? We can help!

With the number of projects being unfolded in Dubai, this multicultural and multinational hub has become the sought-after target for many experienced business individuals and entrepreneurs.

We work with the most famous and trustworthy developers of the city. We are here to assist investors in finding the most suitable plot of land for there business in Dubai. So, whether you want a piece of land for businesses, warehouses, manufacturing plants, profit-generating residencies or parking lots, we are here for all your Dubai real estate matters. Browse our website and be the owner of a land in Dubai.


Do you adore open-air grounds or thrilling water adventures? Then our friend, a property in Palm Jumeirah is all that you need to invest in! Palm Jumeirah is the most stunning and the world’s largest man-made island. It is often referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the world”. It offers some of the best villas and luxury apartments in Dubai. It comprises of a 2-kilometer long trunk, a crown made up of 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent. It allows its residents to enjoy beautiful sea views and facilities such as beach clubs, gym, swimming pool, restaurants, etc. In short it is a top-notch place if you are willing to invest in Dubai real estate.

From Dubai’s best villas to the best Dubai luxury apartments in Palm Jumeirah, you will find it all just at our website.  So do not miss out on the opportunity of owning a land in Palm Jumeirah at a very reasonable price!


Free advice, no fee!

Are you investing for the first time in Dubai real estate? Or you have done it before too? Can’t decide how and where to invest? Looking for a reliable real estate agent in Dubai to get in touch with? Aeon and Trisl is the one solution to all your problems!

  • Our team of professionals is here to advise you in all your real estate dealings in Dubai and that too without any charge.
  • We are well aware of the queries and inconveniences that an individual faces when searching for a property. And we are the best when it comes to solving real estate
  • All you have to do is to contact us or visit our office in Al Barsha, and get your queries resolved in no time!


Choose plots & lands from the best Dubai real estate!Selling or buying a property in Dubai can be very time-consuming and sometimes emotionally challenging too. We understand that it takes a lot of effort to finally find a property that triggers your interest. But a slight mistake in picking a real estate agent in Dubai can make all your efforts go washed. So getting in touch with reliable and experienced real estate is the key to a successful transaction. So if,

  • You are a buyer: We take it unto ourselves to ensure that you get the best possible villas, luxury apartments or off-plan Dubai properties. And don’t worry about the budget! It has never been a concern with Aeon and Trisl’ clients. All you need is to browse our wide range of properties in Dubai, select a property that fits your budget and needs, and then drop us a line. We would love to make buying easy for you!
  • You are a seller: Don’t want to face the hassles of selling a property? Or have no experience of property selling? If you are selling a property for the first time, you can make many mistakes. Also, some buyers might also take advantage of your inexperience. So contact us and don’t let anyone fool you or to save yourself from the hassles that come with property selling! We are the best when it comes to closing a deal that profits both the seller and buyer!

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