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No. 1 Real Estate Industry in Dubai, UAE

No. 1 Real Estate Industry in Dubai, UAE

Moving to a new place, a new country is a big decision. The idea can be confusing and terrifying at times if you have never lived in a foreign city before. To live in a new place, you need someone’s consultation who can guide you through the process and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

When moving abroad, consulting a real estate agent can solve half of your problems! For people moving to Dubai, Aeon & Trisl is one of the leading real estate agencies in Al Barsha. They are proud of their professionals and real estate services. With their one-click services, renting or buying a property in Dubai won’t take weeks or months for you. So, if you are planning on moving to Dubai, they can be your guiding angels!

Aeon & Trisl The renowned real estate consultants in Dubai

The renowned real estate consultants in Dubai

Aeon & Trisl is a Dubai-based real estate broker that has been helping people in finding the perfect home since 2008. It works with individuals, families, and professionals throughout the UAE and has access to thousands of properties across the city, unlike other real estates that have access only to limited areas. With tons of options, flexible payment plans, professional consultancy and service, an online chat system, and much more, the agency acquire a solid position in the list of top real estate in Dubai!


Aeon & Trisl takes pride in their professionals, extensive property portfolio, and partners. When working for a client, they are known for closing a deal that suits both the parties, the buyer and the seller. Because near them, your win is their win too!

With a decade of experience in Dubai real estate, the broker can surely provide you with the best real estate experience in Dubai.

RERA Certified real estate broker

When investing in Dubai properties, it’s very important to work with RERA-certified brokers. If you do not want to regret your decision then hire Aeon & Trisl because no real estate can beat them when it comes to reliability and proficiency. It’s a RERA-certified agency which is enough to trust them with your Dubai real estate matters!

Most handy website

To save you time and effort, many real estate agencies provide websites on which you can surf Dubai properties for sale and rent, properties available in specific areas, properties from low to high prices or vice versa, or just the way you want. One such website is being provided by Aeon & Trisl. The best thing about their convenient website is that you can also take virtual tours of properties you are interested to invest in and contact them at any time and from any part of the world with the chat with us option.

Providing real estate services for decades

Dubai’s real estate industry is a complex one. Only those brokers with decades of experience in this field can provide you with the best possibilities. Aeon & Trisl is amongst the very few companies that are working in Dubai since a long time ago. The company has now mastered the Dubai real estate industry and can provide you with the best options available in town according to your requirement, budget, and taste!

Free Consultation from Professional Agents

Free Consultation from Professional Agents

To sell, rent or buy a property in Dubai, you can always contact Aeon & Trisl, fam properties, etc. for a free consultation. Property transactions in Dubai should always be backed with a real estate consultation for fruitful results. These brokers offer advice on all aspects of property investment, including taxation laws and legal issues. Furthermore, their team of professionals will guide you in the direct direction so that you can get a property that perfectly matches your specific needs or sell a property within the market price.

Diversified real estate services

To cater for a large audience, Aeon & Trisl provide real estate services in Dubai including:

• Selling.
• Buying.
• Renting.
• Leasing.
• Property management.
• Consultation.

The company makes sure that the clients get exceptional service that is worth their every penny!


This blog concludes that getting in touch with a trustworthy real estate broker is very important when going for investment in Dubai properties. To know which real estate to hire, just look for the things mentioned above, and you will be able to make a safe decision easily!

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