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Things To Consider Before Renting Property In Dubai – Aeon & Trisl

Things To Consider Before Renting Property In Dubai – Aeon & Trisl

Most important considerations when renting a property in Dubai

Things To Consider Before Renting Property In Dubai

For individuals renting a property in Dubai for the very first time, Aeon Trisl, a Dubai real estate agency presents a guide regarding things to consider before signing a renting agreement. Many foreign ex-pats also face difficulty while shifting to UAE due to a lack of knowledge about the rental laws. But no worries now, as this guide will surely improve your moving experience to Dubai. Let’s take a look at it;

  • Consider your budget and stick to it

When looking for a property to rent in Dubai, know your budget and make sure to rent a property within your monetary budget. Renting or leasing a property in Dubai especially an apartment includes additional costs such as deposit, internet, utilities, and agent fee. Before signing any agreement, confirm if the owner is responsible for all the maintenance services and if he/she is not then make sure to have an idea of potential maintenance costs beforehand.

  • Inspect the property’s state

Before renting, pay a visit to your soon-to-be home or workplace. During the property survey, take notes of any damages that require repair. The soon-to-be occupants should inspect the unit thoroughly for leaks, interruptions in water fluidity, kitchen sink, showers, faucets, door locks, windows, electric sockets, and lights functioning, etc. If any damages are found, request the landlord to finish the repairs before moving into the new house.

  • Included amenities

Ask your real estate agent about the amenities the property will have. Many communities in Dubai offer their residents basic amenities such as parking areas, swimming pools, 24-hour security, gymnasiums, daycare centers, etc.

  • Utility costs

Question your real estate agent regarding the utility costs. Utility costs vary from community to community and from building to building.

  • Always pick a certified real estate agent

Whenever hiring a real estate agent to deal with your real estate matters, make sure that the agency is RERA certified and is legally practicing real estate in Dubai. Never entrust your real estate matters to a freelance agent, practicing real estate illegally in Dubai, as in case of any dispute or issue, you will not be able to take your matter to the court.

  • Renting contract details

Before signing the contract, read it thoroughly. The contract should include the payment method, amenities, listed costs, and what maintenance responsibilities belong to the renter. Ask your real estate agent to look for any hidden fact or possibility that might turn against you in the future.

  • Ask neighbors for feedback on the community or building

Feedbacks from already residing tenants can benefit you in many ways. Ask the community residents about their experience so far and how long they have been living there.

  • Additional costs

Rental additional costs include the commission of the real estate agent and the rental security deposit. These additional costs are paid at the time of signing. Upon the completion of the rental contract, the security deposit is returned to the tenant.


Things To Consider Before Renting Property

Before renting a property in Dubai, make sure you know about and the things related to that property very well. The key things which you should be aware of before searching for properties for rent in Dubai and paying the rent includes;

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Parking availability
  • Property maintenance
  • Additional costs
  • Amenities


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