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Top 10 Housing Communities To Live In Dubai 2023

Top 10 Housing Communities To Live In Dubai 2023

Top 10 Housing Communities To Live In Dubai 2023

Dubai, a Hub for Real Estate Enthusiasts!

As soon as you hear the name Dubai, your mind might immediately think about the profitable yet luxurious Real Estate Opportunities, Breathtaking Architecture and Innovative Design.

Investing in Dubai’s real estate market has proven to be a wise decision for many national and international investors over the years. The real estate market of Dubai is known for its stability, uniqueness and transparency, making it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable ROI.

When we talk about many benefits of living in Dubai, it’s hard to overlook the incredible opportunities this city has. The sunny weather, stunning architecture, unparalleled views of the city skyline, favorable business environment, world-renowned shopping and dining and a wide variety of cultural events, to mention a few.

In this blog, Aeon and Trisl has outlined Top 10 Housing Communities to live in Dubai 2023. Following are the top residential communities to live in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Marina Housing Community

    Dubai Marina Housing Community

Dubai Marina by Emaar is an enormous waterfront development. This gated community is blessed with panoramic views of a stunning 3.5 km canal and modern infrastructure, making it the Top Real Estate Investment Zone in Dubai.

Dubai Marina Housing community is a remarkable place to call home. With over 200 luxurious residential towers, this community is a bustling hub of activity and excitement. It is predominantly an apartment community, but it also features villas. With great waterfront views from most buildings, you can enjoy breathtaking scenery every day.

One of the most iconic buildings in Dubai Marina Housing Community is the Cayan Tower. This artistic tower is truly a wonder of modern architecture because of its unique yet contemporary style.

  1. Palm Jumeirah Housing Community

    Palm Jumeirah Housing Community

Often known as the self-proclaimed eighth wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah is the largest man-made island in the world. Palm Jumeirah Housing Community is shaped like a palm tree and situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Its stunning architecture and breathtaking views make it a popular destination for tourists as well as for residents.

Palm Jumeirah Housing community is home to a wide range of beachfront apartments and villas making it the greatly desired housing community in Dubai. It also has the iconic hotel resort, Atlantis The Palm. The resort is made on a luxurious oasis that offers guests a world-class experience that is second to none.

  1. Dubailand Housing Community:

    Dubailand Housing Community

Dubailand is a residential & commercial development having the best theme parks and attractions in the whole Emirate, hence is the ultimate top housing community to live in Dubai.

If you want to experience the ultimate lifestyle in the heart of Dubai, then your go to place has to be Dubailand Housing Community. It has a prime & strategic location on the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and offers a range of sub-communities to choose from. Families choose the Dubailand community for its stunning green spaces and proximity to schools and entertainment venues.

Dubailand Housing Community is commonly known as a city within a city as it has many famous communities inside it.

  1. Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Housing Community

    Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Housing Community

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) is the most demanded freehold area in Dubai, featuring 26 clusters of high-rise buildings. JLT is a pedestrian-friendly community with a pet-friendly park, waterfront villas and a vibrant mix of offices, residences, retail, food & beverage outlets and hospitality venues. If you’re in the market looking for an urban lifestyle, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) Housing Community is the perfect place to call home.

  1. Business Bay Housing Community:

    Business Bay Housing Community

Business Bay is a major commercial and residential district of Dubai. It has an ideal location as it is located right next to Downtown Dubai, DIFC & Jumeirah.  Business Bay Housing community is the perfect community for families with dedicated play areas for children as well recreational activities for teenagers.

Bay Avenue is the community mall of Business Bay Housing Community. It has the most attractive and excellent restaurants, outlets & entertainment options in this community.

  1. Al Barsha Housing Community

    Al Barsha Housing Community

Al Barsha is the safest and the most family-friendly community in Dubai with a range of property types, including apartments and villas. Categorized into several sub-communities, Al Barsha has a prime location in the middle of major highways and a metro station within easy reach.

Al Barsha Housing Community is home to popular attractions like the Mall of the Emirates, Miracle Garden and Barsha Pond Park, making it a perfect place for families to call home.

  1. Arabian Ranches Housing Community, Dubai.

    Arabian Ranches Housing Community, Dubai.

Arabian Ranches is an extremely coveted gated community by the renowned developer, Emaar. This stunning gated community offers villas and townhouses within a family-centric & pet-friendly neighborhood.

The Arabian Ranches is located within Dubailand, one of Dubai’s most sought-after locations. Plus, if you’re a fan of equestrian sports, you’ll be pleased to know that The Arabian Ranches Housing Community is home to the renowned Dubai Polo Equestrian and Club.

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  1. Jabel Ali Housing Community

    Jabel Ali Housing Community

As one of the top areas for warehouses in Dubai, Jabel Ali is a continuously evolving district with a prominent industrial hub. However, it’s not just warehouses and labour camps that you’ll find here Jabel Ali Housing Community features top-rated resorts, a metro station and a range of residential apartments and villas to choose from.

As Jabel Ali is the world’s largest man-made harbor & the 9th busiest port, it is an evolving yet ideal community, especially for those looking for safe residential units near their businesses or warehouses.

  1. Al Barari Housing Community, Dubai

    Al Barari Housing Community, Dubai

Al Barari is the one of the most beautiful residential communities of Dubai and offers luxurious private residences. It is home to 500+ species of plants hence is the greenest area in the city.

Al Barari Housing community features villas and large-scale apartments, as well as recreational and health facilities, all within a gated community in Dubai. Al Barari is conveniently located near major landmarks and tourist attractions & is just 10 minutes away from top international schools.

  1. Emirates Hills Housing Community, Dubai

    Emirates Hills Housing Community, Dubai

Emirates Hills is a gated community in Dubai & is a part of the Emirates Living project. Emirates Hills Housing Communities is a family-oriented community with parks and playgrounds for kids, as well as various facilities such as pools, parking spaces and BBQ areas.

The Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai is also located within the community, making it a popular destination for golf lovers. Additionally, Emirates Hills is pet-friendly and consists of dedicated pet parks.

After learning about the top housing communities to live in Dubai 2023, you now have the power to choose the top community according to your preferences and needs. If you face any confusion or hesitation while making your selection, A&T, Dubai’s leading real estate agency, is always available to assist you.

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