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Best Areas for Investment in Dubai Property

Best Areas for Investment in Dubai Property


Are you searching for the best areas of Dubai to invest in? If you are looking to invest in properties that are second to none, then your hunt is over! Aeon and Trisl is a Dubai based real estate agency. We offer you projects that are located in the top-notch areas of Dubai. Some of which such top areas are summarized below;

  • Dubai Marina: If your budget is not too high neither too low, then you will not find a better option than Dubai Marina for investment. It is popular for its skyscrapers lining the Marina basin. For the past few years, it is one of the most preferred locations in Dubai by financiers. From its wide range of apartments for sale and off-plan properties, book yourself one within your range. So surf our website now and get the best of Dubai Marina!
  • Palm Jumeirah: It is also the evergreen favorite of investors in Dubai. Its location and amazing projects including; luxury apartments, lands and off-plan properties have made it one of the most wanted areas of Dubai. It also offers all such amenities that an individual could wish for. So browse our portal and get to know more about Palm Jumeirah properties.
  • Downtown Dubai: This area needs no introduction. It is the home for the famous “Burj Khalifa” and “Dubai mall”. Being the world’s most visited destination makes it a solid place for investment. It comprises of luxury apartments for sale/rent, off-plan projects and much more. So buy yourself a property in Downtown Dubai before we run out of all!
  • Jumeirah village circle: JVC is a gated community, set in the heart of Dubai. It is famous for its reasonable buying and rental rates! So hurry up and fulfill your dream of living in Dubai.
  • Arabian Ranches: It is definitely the most popular villa community in Dubai. It features peaceful surroundings, a premium golf course, and is situated near to Burj Khalifa, Equestrian Club, and Dubai polo. It has always been in demand by individuals willing to invest in Dubai real estate.
  • Dubai hills estate: It is a kind of city itself. In the region, it is the largest development of its kind. Dubai hills estate is known for its stunning views of the Dubai skyline and lush landscaped parks and gardens. It offers its residents the most diverse recreational facilities. To buy an apartment, a villa or an off-plan project in this area at reasonable rates, get in touch with us.

     All the above-mentioned areas along with many others are considered as the top areas for real estate investment. So let your investment go in the right direction by dropping us a call or by visiting our office. We would love to work with you!


Investments in properties build wealth and generate income. But there is no such investment which does not carry risk. Aeon and Trisl provide you with a buyer’s guide, to make sure that your investment yields the maximum possible revenues.

Ultimate buying guide Dubai property

Following are the most important things that you need to know before investing in Dubai’s real estate.

  1. Knowhow about market values: Browse different websites to get an idea about the current market price of Dubai properties. But if you do not have enough time for that, just come to us. We are well aware of Dubai’s real estate
  2. Your need and budget: Identify your need and range. Make sure that the property you are willing to buy fits your budget.
  3. Real estate agency: Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, never make the mistake of buying a property in Dubai just on your own. This real estate market is full of scams. No matter what sort of property you want to buy, first decide who is going to escort you through the whole buying process. With a decade of experience, we are the best in Dubai when it comes to real estate So get in touch with us and allow your investment to go in the right hands.
  4. Location: Choose your property location wisely. Whether you want a property near your office or to your children’s school, just tell us and the rest will be upon us!
  5. Visit property: Before making any payments, visit your property at least once. Aeon and Trisl crave for its client’s satisfaction. Transparency is what we believe in when closing a deal. With us, you get to visit the property you want to own, as many times as you want.
  6. Interest rate and maintenance cost: We close only those deals that benefit both the buyer and seller. If you want to enjoy high maintenance at a low price and customer friendly interest rate, then try us!


The answer is a big YES!

There is no other city like Dubai when it comes to real estate. It has many spectacular attractions that leave people in awe. Innovative technology, exclusively designed residential communities, and cosmopolitan projects make this city heaven for property purchasers. For the past few months, Dubai real estate market is favoring buyers. Certainly, the time is perfect for those willing to be owners of properties in Dubai. Besides all this, investors get to enjoy;

  • High rental yields
  • Lower purchasing rates as compare to other cities globally
  • Favorable tax conditions
  • The stable economy and political situation
  • Tax-free income
  • Get to choose from a wide-ranging type of properties such as; villas, apartments, off-plan, etc.


There are various options to invest in Dubai. Options such as;

  • Mutual funds
  • Stock market
  • Recurring deposits
  • Real estate
  • Fixed deposits
and many more. Among the options mentioned above, real estate investment is the best one. It comes with many benefits such as;
  • Putting a property on rent bring rental yields
  • Off-plan properties come with payment plans. A great opportunity for those who cannot spend their savings all at once.
  • Lands need no maintenance
  • Buying a plot and then constructing a house on it allows you to design your home just the way you want
  • At Aeon and Trisl, lands and off-plan projects are available at lower prices
  • Property value keeps on increasing with the passage of time.

So now who wants to invest in Dubai real estate? Surely, we all want! We provide a detailed off-plan property directory complete with location, sizes, price range, and payment plan. So hire us now for all your property-related matters!


When it comes to home buying, buyers and sellers are on different sides of the line. What one is expecting to see happen is often opposed to what one is trying to achieve. The first usually wants the top dollars while the other just wants to get the property at the minimum. But both the sides can benefit significantly by hiring a real estate broker. Below are the top reasons to hire us from the buyer’s point of convenience;

  • WE SAVE YOUR TIME: The process of first finding a suitable property and then investing in it can be very time-consuming. To make it less time-consuming for you, we provide investors with all types of properties in Dubai at our website. If you are looking for;
  • Off-plan Dubai properties: Just visit our website. Click on the off plan option and then all the best off-plan projects in the best communities of Dubai will appear in front of you. If you are willing to invest in a particular community, a particular property size, you can, by just entering your requirements in the search area on left side.
  • Ready-made properties: Just click the buy option at the top at our website. All the best ones including apartments, villas, townhouses, luxury apartments for sale in Dubai will appear on your screen.
  • Properties on rent: On your screen, you will be seeing a rent option on top. Just click on it and find one according to your need and taste. Moreover, you can also sort properties from old to new, high to low and vice versa.
  • WE SAVE YOUR MONEY: We strongly believe in closing deals that are beneficial for both the sellers and the buyers. Our transparency is what brings our customers back to us!
  • WE KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR: You will be looking for homes according to that list tucked in the back of your mind. But there are other things too, that you might not pay attention to during house hunting. When you hire us for a house hunt, you get a house free of furnace issues, mold and insect issues,s and roofing problems.
  • WE KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH CONTRACTS: When you sign a contract without the aid of a real estate agent, there are chances that the other party might have fooled you. Since scams are common in Dubai real estate, so to be on safe side hire a trustworthy real estate agent. We deal with a number of hard contracts on daily basis. And we know the best how to use a contract for your protection.

So join the hands of the leading real estate agency of Dubai and make this investment the best of yours!


Just to provide you with the best properties in Dubai, both quality and quantity-wise, we work in close proximity with UAE’S most demanding developers. Our major partners include;

  1. Emaar: It is the most demanding developer of UAE. It is popular for its innovative engineering technologies. Its famous projects include; the mighty Burj Khalifa, Emaar Beachfront, Dubai mall, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai hills estate, etc.
  2. DAMAC properties: DAMAC is famous for its amenities and facilities that come with its properties. Its famous projects are DAMAC Hills, AKOYA, AKOYA oxygen, etc.
  3. Meraas: This developer has proven itself with its hard work and stylish projects. Its major projects include Bvlgari resort and residences, Port de la Mer, etc.
  4. Meydan: When talking about villas, the Meydan developer name is what comes as the first thing in mind.
  5. Dubai properties: Dubai Properties is known for shaping some of Dubai’s most recognizable real estate Its major projects include; Business Bay, Jumeirah beach residence, Dubai land, etc.
  6. Omniyat: Omniyat has achieved several milestones to secure its position as one of the top real estate developers in Dubai. One of their more notable projects is The Opus.

This is not even the 1/4th of the list of our amazing and hardworking partners. Have a look at our portal to know more of them.

The Best Time For Investment In Dubai Real Estate

The Best Time For Investment In Dubai Real Estate

Are you looking for the best luxury apartment or off plan projects in Dubai? Are you confused about when to invest and when not to? Well, congrats! You are at the right place.

Is now a good time to invest in Dubai property?

Following are the factors that favor’s the customer’s investment in Dubai real estate.

  • Emirati nationality

UAE government has revised executive regulation of the federal law concerning passports and nationality. Now it is quite easy for investors and professionals to get Emirati nationality under specific conditions. Because of this major move, the country’s economy can be boosted by welcoming the right kind of investors and professionals to the country. As per the real estate experts, this move is greatly in favor of real estate sector. It will raise the demand of residential properties from both the investors and users alike. So grab this opportunity and invest in Dubai off-plan properties now.

  • UAE golden visa

The initiation of the UAE Golden visa is proved to be a blessing for the transient expat population like investors, students, and professionals. The Golden visa provides 10-year residency. There is an opportunity for foreign students to sponsor their families. These amendments in the visa rule will eventually lead to an increase in property demand. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Dubai’s leading real estate, Aeon and Trisl now!

  • Postponed Dubai expo is going to be held in October 2021

The Expo 2020 Dubai was canceled because of the covid 19 pandemics. But right now the good news is here. It was said by the event’s chief development officer Ahmed al khatib ”We are committed to hosting Expo in October 2021”. It is expected that 11 million visitors will be attracted by Expo 2021. The demand for rental properties will be at its peak throughout the duration of the mega events. So what are you waiting for? The best time to invest in Dubai’s real state has already arrived. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Boost from visitors:

Lockdown is being removed from different parts of the world. This is a great blessing because tourism industries are now opened. Visitors surely don’t want to miss out this golden opportunity to visit their dream place Dubai. To accommodate such a massive number of visitors, hotels and rental apartments are required. Now is the high time to make an investment in Dubai real estate.

  • Buy low and sell high

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the economy of the entire world has declined drastically. The Dubai economy is in the process of recovery. This is the plus point for investors because the expensive properties are now being sold out at cheap rates. In the future, you guys can sell these properties at high prices. A simple rule of investment ”buy low and sell high”. So what are you waiting for? This could be your life-changing real estate investment. So visit our website now!

  • Attractive lifestyle

In recent years the expatriate population of Dubai has escalated a lot. This is because of the city’s lifestyle. Dubai’s rich lifestyle is what draws people from different parts of the world. From sandy beaches to good climate conditions, from commendable infrastructure to the most suitable environment for international trade, Dubai has all! People from all around the globe continue to relocate to UAE. Due to the increasing population, the demand for properties is increasing too. Buying a property now and putting it on rent can generate a good, handsome income for you. To get a high ROI, invest with Aeon and Trisl.

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