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Best Off Plan Projects in Dubai – Most Freshest Off-Plan Projects in the one Place

Best Off Plan Projects in Dubai – Most Freshest Off-Plan Projects in the one Place

Ultimate Buying Guide Dubai Off Plan Properties

Thinking about who will offer you latest off plan projects less than one roof? Who will guide you about latest off plan properties in Dubai? Who will understand the importance of your money and save it from going into vain? There is only one Dubai off plan real estate broker for it who will do all this for you and it is “Aeon and Trisl-Broker LLC”.

Dubai’s Latest Off-Plan Projects ALL in The One Unit

With a team of highly dedicated professionals, we are here to assist you in your investment-related matters. Although the idea of investing in off plan property in Dubai seems cool but there are various intricacies that can only be identified by a professional broker or agent. It demands thorough research of the market and then requires predictions for future prospects. The inability of the brokers to do it efficiently ultimately leads to losses of the client. So don’t trust any usual broker for your precious investment decisions. Come to us who bears a good market reputation and an experience of 12 years. We assure you that you will never be disappointed.

Which areas have the best off-plan property in Dubai?

The area suitable for the investment in off-plan Dubai properties depends on the type of project being constructed over it. Few areas suitable for different kind of projects have been elaborated below for your guidance:

For Apartments

  • Dubai Harbour: Launched in October 2020, Dubai Harbour is the world-class maritime destination boasting the most advanced cruise terminal and the biggest marina in the region.
  • Dubai Creek: It is a saltwater creek located in Dubai, UAE. Previously, it extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary but as a part of the new Dubai canal it extends through to the Persian Gulf.
  • Creek Beach: It is a location where you can enjoy both urban and beach experiences. It is built to afford you the ultimate family-friendly retreat.
  • Dubai Hills Estate: Wake up to luscious green scenery and primeval fairways within an iconic back drop of the Dubai skyline and Burj Khalifa. It is a sophisticated address that inspires peak performance, every day.
  • DAMAC Hills: It is a self-contained and well established community comprising apartments, villas and a hotel.

For Penthouses

  • Mina Rashid: It is also called as Port Rashid. It is a man made, cruise terminal in Dubai, UAE. Currently, it is one of the key tourist cruise destination, seafront coastal destination and residential area.

For Villas

  • Akoya Oxygen: It lies in the center of hustle and bustle of the Dubai real estate. It has a wide collection of houses, villas, apartments, flats and even town houses. Approximately, it covers around 55 million sq. ft in Dubai land.

Good news is, we have off plan projects in all the above mentioned areas and not only is this, we have many other offerings too.

Latest Off Plan Projects in UAE | Off Plan Property

Dubai is the major hub for businesses as well as tourist. It has developed to an extent that now investors find many options for investment in off plan property. Usually the latest off plan properties in Dubai are located on key locations that are not only central for traffic but also have beautiful surroundings. The location of our off plan Dubai properties have both aforementioned features which makes them most desirable for investors. So what are you waiting for? Come and grab your property before we run out of all.

What Is Off Plan In Real Estate?

What Is Off Plan In Real Estate?

The New Year is about to begin and a lot of us are already tightening the belt and looking for attractive investment options. Thinking of investing in the off plan properties in Dubai? Great Decision! There are two key factors that need to be considered before making a long term investment decision. Returns and capital growth. The latest off-plan properties in Dubai offer these two aforementioned advantages which is why it is a preferred investment today. Dubai off-plan real estate is the safest to invest at this point in time. Not only is this, one of the opportunities is that these projects can be purchased below the market price and then, later on, can be sold at a premium price. If you don’t feel like selling it then no problem, trust us, the value of the property is increasing day by day. Hence, you will get a quick and huge profit. But wait! It’s not over yet. There are a lot more other benefits that are offered by off-plan projects for sale. Patiently read the thread to learn more.

Aeon & Trisl Off Plan Projects In Dubai

Why choose us?

Before highlighting why you should choose us, it is important to let you know that we offer various kinds of off plan properties in Dubai which include:

Houses, Villas, Apartments, Hotels, Offices, Townhouses, and Resort Properties. Commercial and Residential buildings.

When you choose us, all your worries will be over. We will get all of your work done from the beginning till the end. Our support in choosing off-plan property in Dubai includes the following:

  • Briefing about the area where off plan property is located. It is one of the essential ingredients in your success. Also, it determines the strength of the market value.
  • Make you understand the cost of buying Dubai off-plan real estate. Whatever offer we will be giving you will completely be in accordance with the market value. After all, the primary reason for buying off-plan property in Dubai is a cheap price.
  • Help you in understanding the project since in the majority of the cases; buyers are not sure as to how they will be utilizing the purchased property. By choosing Aeon and Trisl, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Our experienced agents have specialized in it.
  • Have considerable work experience which serves as a catalyst in buying off plan property in Dubai.

How Can I Buy Off Plan Property In Dubai?

One of the easiest and the most reliable way to buy off plan property in Dubai is through contacting us. Our specialists are very well aware of the Dubai property market and they can guide you for your betterment. No matter which type of off-plan property you want to purchase, we are here for your support. From the demonstration of latest off plan property options till completion of the project, Aeon & Trisl is well equipped to help you out in all phases. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and become the owner of well-reputed off plan property in Dubai.

Off Plan Property Projects In Dubai, Get The Latest Info

Off Plan Property Projects In Dubai, Get The Latest Info

Are you looking forward to invest in Dubai? Considering capitalizing in off plan properties in Dubai? Want to get in touch with someone who can provide you with the latest information regarding the off plan projects in Dubai? Then cheers you are at the just right site! We have emerged as the leading off plan property provider in Dubai. We provide a detailed off plan property directory complete with location, sizes, price range and payment plan. We provide our clients with all the information that helps them in understanding thoroughly about the off plan property as they progress with their home buying and investment. Thus making it easy for you in making the just right decision!

Need Some Help?

Below are some but very important information regarding the latest off-plan properties in Dubai. This is so that you can easily pick one or more according to your cup of tea.

LOCATION: Aeon & Trisl offers off plan projects at the paramount locations. Some of which are as follows;

  • Dubai Harbour: It is recently inaugurated in November 2020, intended for apartments. It is a top-notch maritime destination, possessing the most advanced cruise terminal and the largest marina in the region.
  • Creek Beach: Ideal for people craving for both urban and beach experiences.
  • Dubai Creek
  • DAMAC Hills: It is a free-standing and well-established community consisting of apartments, villas, and a hotel.
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Akoya Oxygen: It has a wide range of villas, houses, apartments, flats and townhouses.
  • Mina Rashid: It is a man-made cruise terminal in Dubai, also known as Port Rashid. Currently, it is one of the key tourist cruise destinations, seafront coastal destination,s and residential areas.

From our sea of off-plan projects for sale at different locations, you can find as many as you want not just at your desired location but also within your range!

PAYMENT PLANS: When you choose us, you do not have to worry about the payment. We provide you with the most convenient payment plans so that you can buy your dream home! Aeon and Trisl, Dubai real estate, strongly believes that your win is our win! So pick one from our collection of off plan Dubai properties, contact us and be the owner of a property in your dream place Dubai!

SIZE: How many bedrooms you want in your apartment? 1? 2? 3? or 4 plus? Whether you are looking for a home just for yourself or for your clan, we offer projects of various sizes.

PRICE RANGE: Budgets have never been an issue with Aeon and Trisl. From our immense collection of off plan Dubai properties comprising apartments, villas, pent houses, etc., you can definitely find a good one within your range! So drop us a call and don’t let budget come in your way of buying your dream house!

Even though the idea of capitalizing in an off plan property in Dubai seems wonderful, but this field is full of intricacies and scams. So getting in touch with an unprofessional broker results in a complete loss! Precious decisions require professionals. We can proudly say that we are well aware of ins and outs of Dubai real estate. Come to us who bears a good market reputation and an experience of 12 years. We assure you that you will never be disappointed.

New Off Plan Projects In Dubai With Payment Plan

New Off Plan Projects In Dubai With Payment Plan

There are many factors other than the area, which developer and project, which needs attention when buying an off plan property in Dubai. One of those is the payment plan. So what exactly a payment plan is? It is a schedule of payment of a particular project set out by a developer for the transaction of its property.

Consumer-friendly payment plan

plans vary according to the developer and the off plan project. Traditionally 80-20, 40-60, and 50-50 pre-payment plans are adopted in purchasing a property.  Such payment plans require the buyer to pay 80, 40, or 50 before completion and the rest after its completion. There are two ways in which these pre handovers can be paid. Either by;

  1. With certain construction milestone
  2. At fixed dates during the projects development period

Besides the payment plans mentioned above, a 30/40/30 payment plan is also offered by some developers. In this type 30% of the total amount is paid during construction, 40% at the time of handover, and 30% after 2-3 years of handing over. Post-payment plans vary and are offered by only a few.

Aeon and Trisl make it possible for you to buy your dream property in your dream city Dubai, with more flexible payment plans. The payment plans being offered with our off-plan projects for sale are easier and more accessible to both existing and new purchasers. So don’t think twice and contact us now!

Latest Off Plan Projects For Sale In Dubai, UAE

If not done the right way, then the search for the right property in UAE can be a daunting task. When buying an off-plan project in Dubai, most buyers are clueless as where to start from. In order to land on the best choice and make the investment rewarding for you, right agent is all that you need. If you are planning to purchase latest off plan property in Dubai, then you have come to the right place! By being a one-stop online portal, we make your property searching process easy. Thus helps you in finding a project that perfectly fits your needs. So browse our portal and pick your ideal one from our latest off plan projects for sale in Dubai.

Search And Compare Latest Off Plan Projects For Sale In Dubai

From our wide range of off plan properties you can easily find your desired property within your range. Aeon and Trisl allows you to compare features and prices of latest off plan projects in Dubai by providing you access to detailed information about each project.

Buying is easy now with Aeon and Trisl

Our website’s homepage is equipped with a search bar. In the search bar, you can either type in a particular project or a developer’s name, price, neighborhood, size, or the number of bedrooms you would like to have in your home. Or can also start a general search per category like apartments, penthouses, villas, townhouses, etc. You can arrange property listings from newest to oldest and vice versa and from highest to lowest price and vice versa.

Aeon and Trisl provide you with the right tools and information which helps you in finding your dream, office or property which gives you the max return. So start browsing our portal now and get the best off plan project in Dubai!

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