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7 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Buying Properties In Dubai

7 Things To Consider When Thinking Of Buying Properties In Dubai

Buying Properties In Dubai

Have you made up your mind to invest in Dubai off-plan real estate? Are you wondering what are the tips you must know before you make any final decision? Frankly speaking there are a lot of things that need to be considered when buying any kind of Dubai Villas, Dubai Apartments, or Dubai Hotel etc. There are a lot of things that can be written on this subject but for now, we are mentioning 7 most important things that need to be considered when thinking of buying properties in Dubai.

Tip # 1: Location

There is one of the famous sayings about the property is that there are three parameters that define the value of a property and these parameters are location, location, and location. Within this parameter, there are certain other aspects that need to be considered. For example, the best suitable type of locality is dependent on your requirement.  For example, in Dubai, if you need luxurious apartments with mesmerizing views then Jumeirah Lake Tower properties are among the top option to consider. It is a large development in Dubai consisting of 80 towers built along the edges of three artificial lakes. It is a premium property for sale with beautiful and luxurious hotels around. Were you finding for any such option? Think you got it all. We have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments located in the coastal community of Jumeirah. The view from the apartments is so amazing that you can’t even think of another option once you have seen it.

So, the question that you need to ask yourself is “What is the primary purpose behind purchasing a property in Dubai”? Before you begin the search, you should answer this question so that your efforts and energy can be invested in a proper way. Aeon & Trisl can guide you in finding a purpose for your investment. Just come to us and all your worries will be over.

  • New Locations in Dubai– ‘Dubai South’ is one of the locations that are available at cheap prices but expectedly their value will grow in the future. We have studio and bedroom apartments at this location and it is a part of our off plan Dubai properties.
  • Developed Locations in Dubai– If your primary purpose is to get decent rental income then ‘Dubai Marina’ is the best location for it. It is also in our list of Dubai off-plan real estate.
  • Affordable Locations in Dubai- If you are restricted by investment, then it is recommended that you invest in affordable locations in Dubai for example, ‘Jumeirah Village Circle’. It is one of the in-demand lands for sale in JLT.
Tip # 2: Master Developer

Once you have identified key areas where you can think of buying your off plan Dubai property then the next step is to select local real estate agents who can guide you about how well maintained the community is and how it works. In order to select the developer, the history of the developer is very important. Two most renowned developers in town are ‘Emaar’ (Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Harbor, etc) and Damac Properties (Akoya Oxygen, Damac Hills etc). We are working with both of these developers.

Tip # 3: Project Developer

The construction of a project like buildings, villas, apartments, etc is the responsibility of the developer but the maintenance of the project is the responsibility of the project developer. Once the master developer is selected, it is essential for you to select the project developer. With Aeon & Trisl, you don’t have to worry about any of these things; we will get everything done for you.

Tip # 4: Maintenance Company

It has been observed that no matter how beautiful the project is built, the value of the project is decreased if it is not maintained properly. Usually developers attract you by saying it’s a premium property for sale but later on due to poor management, the worth of the property is affected. Make sure you are well aware of the maintenance company before you purchase any off plan Dubai properties.

Tip # 5: Age of the Building

Dubai is fairly a new city. Its developments are not older than 15 years. But recently many other new developments are also seen. Dubai Villas are being constructed which is a premium property for sale. Not only local but international investors are also interested in investing off-plan Dubai properties due to cheap prices and large anticipated market growth. Developer’s warranty comes into play when you purchase an old or a new building in Dubai.

Tip # 6: Property Condition

Before purchasing any off-plan Dubai properties, the buyer should either get an inspection done on personal basis or hire a private company to prepare an inspection report. The points highlighted in the report are very useful when it comes to the bargaining of the price.

Tip # 7: Price Evaluation

To understand the true worth of the property in Dubai, it is essential to consult an expert in the real estate industry. The local real estate agents of Aeon & Trisl are masters of their field. The prices of the properties we will be quoting you will be the best in the market. No matter whether it’s a premium property for sale or affordable ones, you will be satisfied with our prices and that is our guarantee.

Is Dubai A Good Place To Invest In Property?

Dubai is a new city as its developments are just 15 years old. The real estate market of Dubai has been on boom from last couple of years and not only local but internationals investors are interested in investing in Dubai market. The primary focus of the investors is towards off plan Dubai properties because these properties are not only cheap but also the chances for its value growth are quite evident. On the contrary, the properties that are already established will experience slow growth. And not only is this, Dubai off plan real estate has diverse range of properties beginning from affordable ones till premium property for sale. So yes, Dubai is an attractive place to invest in property. Grab the opportunity before it’s too late!

What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing Real Estate For Investment Purposes?

Dubai is a hub of investment and nowadays when other international markets are reaching its peak, investors feels Dubai as still being affordable. It has something to offer to different kind of investors, may they be looking for cheap properties or premium ones, Dubai has it all. But before purchasing or investing in any kind of property, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Location of the property
  • Know the master developer
  • Know the project developer
  • Who is maintaining the building?
  • How old is the building?
  • Condition of the property
  • Price of the property
  • Financing options
  • Title deed transfer
  • Associated costs


Buying a house in Dubai : a guide for expats

We make buying in Dubai easy for foreigners!

If you are thinking to invest or considering shifting, whether it is to start a business, for work or to enjoy life in Dubai, you’ve probably already considered buying a property in Dubai, UAE. Thanks to the government for passing the law in 2002 for foreigners. That law allowed foreigners to invest in, sell or rent a property in Dubai. This law has made property buying easy for potential foreigner investors just like for the citizens of Dubai. But before taking any final decision, follow the following steps for hassle-free buying procedure;

STEP 1 = Determine the type of property you want

First determine what sort of property you want, a villa, an apartment, a townhouse, a penthouse, a luxurious apartment or an off plan property.

How about getting all these under one roof? Wouldn’t it be then easier for you to decide? To make this step convenient for you, Aeon and Trisl offer you all types of properties. To get a more clear idea of Dubai properties, browse our website.

STEP 2 = Search for community and location

After deciding the type of property to invest in, search the best communities and locations in Dubai.

At Aeon and Trisl you will find projects only in the best communities of Dubai such as Downtown Dubai, Creek beach, Arabian Ranches III, etc. Our projects are located near to all the important business hubs of Dubai.

STEP 3- Hire a real estate in Dubai

This is the most important step so don’t skip it! Buying property in Dubai is not a piece of cake. Scams in this field are very common. Many people have been deceived many times by scammers. They wait for the perfect time and then run away with investors’ money. So if you want your money to go in the right hands, contact a trustworthy, Dubai real estate agency before taking any further step.

Aeon and Trisl have been working in this field since the last decade. In all these years we have worked really hard to get to the position where we are now today. We have always put our clients benefit ahead of ours. The title of real estate broker is itself enough to entrust us with all your property matters. Getting assistance from us will allow you to buy property in a seamless manner. So contact us now and don’t let your money go in vain!

STEP 4- Check eligibility

The eligibility criterion to buy a property in Dubai is quite simple. A valid passport to determine his/her identity is all what a foreigner investor needs to present.

STEP 5- Pick a property

Now the next step is to finalize a property.

Aeon and Trisl offers you a large no. of projects including, apartments, villas, town houses, penthouses, duplexes and off plan projects. At our website, you will find properties from various developers offering projects of various sizes, no. of bedrooms, at different locations and in different prices. Also what amenities you will get access to have also been mentioned with each of the projects. Remember what we display is what you will get in real too! So pick freely and wisely according to your cup of tea and let us know.

STEP 6- Payment

The next step is the payment step. In this step, you pay for the chosen property.

STEP 7- Transfer of property on your name

This will be the last step of the whole buying procedure. In this step, you will be given your property papers.

If you really want your buying procedure to be smooth just like mentioned above, then hire us for all your property matters. We promise we won’t disappoint you!


IS IT WORTH BUYING A PROPERTY IN DUBAIDo you have the same question in your mind?

Whenever considering Dubai for real estate investment, this question often comes in people mind that is Dubai worthy of investment? And the answer is a big yes!

With the passage of time, more and more people are looking forward to invest in Dubai even during this pandemic. And there are some solid reasons behind it. Such as;

Reason#1: Easy payment plans

In the whole world, Dubai has the most appealing real estate investments. For many interested investors, the flexible payment plans works as the cherry on cake. So for most convenient payment plans check our collection now!

Reason#2: Foreigners can invest too

If you are a foreigner and wondering whether you can invest in Dubai or not, then pal you definitely can! With Government’s convenient policies for expats, it is now possible for foreigners too to invest in Dubai real estate. So foreigners, it is time to make your dream come true with Aeon and Trisl!

Reason#3: Safest place on earth

Dubai has secured a place in the top 10 countries with the highest law and order scores, according to a recent Gallup’s report. In 2019 its index score was 92. This ranking makes Dubai one of the foremost places for real estate investment.

Reason#4: Dubai Expo 2020 and opportunities

Dubai is going to host this big event from October 1, 2021to March 31, 2022, in Al Wasl Plaza. It will last for 173 days. With this EXPO, there are a lot of opportunities for people willing to invest in Dubai real estate. In this expo, developers will be offering some inducements to the potential investors. Inducements such as;

  • Guaranteed rental income
  • Free legal fees
  • Lower service charges
  • Flexible payment plans

So local and foreign investors, ready yourself to experience the most beneficial investment of your life!

Reason#5: Reasonable price

At present, no other major cities except Dubai offer affordable rates to the potential parties. Affordability is what draws investors to Dubai real estate.

Reason#6: Tax-free income

Everyone wants a tax-free income. The residents-friendly policies of Dubai’s government make Dubai a sought-after place to live. So if you want your income to be tax-free, come, work and live in Dubai.

Reason#7: Surplus options to choose from

Dubai real estate offers a great number of residential and commercial properties. We are proud to say that we entertain both residential and commercial property seekers. At our website, you will find commercial properties such as offices, industrial properties, etc., and residential ones such as off-plan projects, apartments, villas, etc.

Reason#8: Constant growing economy

With UAE’s continuously growing economy, it aims to attract more worldwide investors. To make Dubai an international business ground, the Government is providing many benefits like Tax exception, free zones, etc.

Reason#9: Government with idealistic leadership

The Government of Dubai is working tirelessly for the development of the country. It is looking forward to making Dubai an international business and a happy, innovative, and creative hub.

Reason#10: Best amenities and high returns

At our site, you will find only those communities which offer luxury amenities besides the essential ones.

Owning a property in Dubai opens up many opportunities to get high revenues.

There are many other reasons that make Dubai the best place to invest in the whole world. So potential investors what are you waiting for? Come forward and invest in Dubai real estate through Aeon and Trisl!

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